5 years Later

5years ago we got married at the DEA Ranch in Texas in the last 5 we also #retired a 20 year military career , I had major surgeries learned to walk again, moved back “home” (I finally went to a trade school learned taxidermy) added that to Advanced Outdoor Film and Production School and years and years of civilian and military schools niccole got a cool job coaching kids at the Catholic School “the future of our youth” in our community! And loved it our newest flower we can’t forget our almost two years old now StarBaby Hadleyniccoleramsey were blessed to have her after a major hurricane and miscarriage in 2017 she’s definitely become my blessing another why in my life why I do what I do like kicked 26 prescriptions learned to walk again and learned to talk better and be online better including two trips to rehab why? So I can be better for them for me for others it’s what I did for them we’re a blend of fire and water love n patience It’s about the kids and living the best we can learning from our mistakes the lessons and growing from them for our selves each other and them IMO love ya family always have always will … here’s to being a “Silent Partner” in my company I CoOwn http://www.Gator-Gripp.com rigsreefclassicspearfishing and creating a positive life in a positive neutral negative world


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