The Real value is in honesty, in those who speak truth be about that #RideOrDie Life BattleBuddies Warriors hooligans veterans brothersisterlove we stand by that don’t forget it… better to be honest than not! tell me I suck so I can do better tell me I’m epic so I cAn say thanks for noticing either way it’s about doing it and being greater at it! ⚖️ daynightstuff Kings & Queens take Value in Honest Eyes Ears and Mouths #hearnoevilseenoevilspeaknoevil unless your in a haunted house on Halloween then scare the Pooh out of them 🤣 cheers y’all have an epic day will ya! From surfman374 #teamzerofucksgiven 🇺🇸 @dmramsey

“set goals, love, & live like you only got 24hrs !”

for those of us who washed dishes, & worked where ever when ever for our $1 or less per gallon fuel we definitely understand hardwork and how to enjoy it more 70’s and 80’s rocked 90’s were fun shit got crazy from 2000 & beyond

We’ll work hard to free up time or #create #your own future and sell what ya #love with them 😉 💛🌐💛💯🇺🇸🧜‍♂️⚖️🏴‍☠️🌎🎵🙌🛸🎃 I love seeing who I tagged smile doing what they love *if I tagged you it’s because I believe in You and have faith that will provide always does always will for those who keep it real the struggle is hardest for those who do it when no ones watching everyone can learn from that… BravoZulu from Surfman374 God Bless AmericanMade this is what if feels like Special First testing us all


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