Rise Up 2Gether

A lot of death and destruction to build the pipelines overseas

I pray it all unites us all our pipeslines and there’s to be honest because lord knows we don’t need anymore death I don’t want my children going to war that’s for sure no ones children grandchildren or great grand kids should have to suffer any longer for oil gas drugs opioids or what ever the heck else is going on!

My two cents build what we need to let’s just work together and be United it’s that simple we all need oil gas natures energy let’s lean on each other for success for our grand kids and children and ours so they dont have to see the battles we all did. We all deserve a better tomorrow

God Bless Good United Humans

BTW Ain’t no place for bribes extortion and death anymore let’s rise up Together

🖤💙🤍 😎 🇺🇸 🌎 #Surfman374


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