God We Need You Now

Shout Out to The Song God We Need You Now! click Link below to discover what inspired me to be honest with myself and others God Bless the Music makers of America YOUTUBE “God We Need you Now”!


The tree and Cross the stone Garden the lights at night the voice of that amazing momma singing with y’all 🖤💙🤍🇺🇸😎 the guitarist the producer the stage presence #nailedit y’all this song is top shelf #TeamAmerica #i love her voice and values she brings to your table #powerfulmommabear y’all got on your team! I am a proud father of 3 girls a son that’s not mine and come from a father who abused my sister I to was raped as a child from a family member. Silence isn’t the Answer stand up for yourself daily if you have too! Even my own Company Gator-Gripp has “Ghosted” me. It’s unfortunate because I believe in Made in America, American Made. It the products opened my eyes to a world that is greedy a world that people only care for them selves in. It’s a sad side effect when money is involved. A Sad but True Story. Fortunately for me I am An American. A man who served his country with Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty. The Price I paid was Twenty Years Serving as Surfman374 a Title I earned doing Search and Rescue. I’ve saved 100’s and 1000’s from West Coast Winter Storms during Crab Season to Deadly Hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico. In the End learned to walk again. Survivor of three attempts at suicide (that’s never the answer) but what is the answer it starts with being honest with yourself and others. Your demons can be overcome from Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Insomnia it can all be healed. From Sexual Assault to Violence you can heal. Give it to our Lord and Savior pray for peace pray for healing. Work at it daily. Shine bright show love for self love for caring. Become Happy doing what ya enjoy. Be proud of what you create. Even your darkest days can be overwhelming but you can overcome them. Be Proud. Listen to music. Make healthy healing choices. It’s a True Story life can hammer you. But you can hammer back. Fall in love again. Be about it, Talk About It.

Bravo Zulu USCG

BravoZulu from #Surfman374 100% able 100%Disabled #100percentcombatrelated because our moms and dads family and friends deserve our best #godweneedyounow is a american Song god bless y’all I love your voices and passion girl can whale she’s amazing struggle proud of ya mijo #dadlife is a good
Life ❤️🙌🇺🇸😎

Never let the problems or people in life move you away from what you love the path you enjoy. God Is Good Amen

GOD WE NEED YOU NOW video on YouTube


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