There is Balance

Peace Be With You

I believe it was 2007 we (my military friends and I most of them still on my social media & Facebook ) we talked about centralized trooping and world issues what’s that? World problems that effect us all worldwide. Oh yeah and Bringing everyone home! All branches except those needed ease where. What has happened is we use more advanced technology to get the job done and less humans yes unfortunately a side effect of the now not the then AI works if it’s properly managed so do humans but we will see what happens next. It is unfortunate the worlds mad about it. What I pray for is the world becomes more United and understands Team USA still stands for freedom peace and liberty worldwide and will defend that why? Simple TeamUSA can be worldwide within 24hrs and Team USA fights for it everyday unfortunately a lot of shit has hit the fan when we pulled out this time 🇺🇸 prayers to the world

Don’t forget the 10 RULES from GOD #dontworrybehappy and relax fill social media with positive energy because there enough negative in the real world


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