What’s OG oh That’s ME

I’m just gonna live in my world now and enjoy it with hiphop and that culture why? I trust the streets actually BravoZulu Warriors Latinos Black men and Women Asians and indigenous People I’m here for you now! GOD bless my peoples and thanks for another day to work it out! Funny story I grew up in some real Fucken hoods as a White kid who got beat up and won ! So I have been beat down! BootCamp that just made me stronger! 20 years as a Surfman that was a Wetdream! 3 years Civilian now and I can’t stand what I have seen! People need to focus inside like on there own shit! And stop wondering what I’m doing! Y’all couldn’t keep up I promise! So as we say BOOM BITCH get out the way! That means stop bitching and start grinding start doin you! And being about it fuckers


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