Good Order and Discipline

Y’all got it all backwards why do we not celebrate the living life of a Hero? Why do we wait till they die to cheer them on? That’s what’s messed up about the whole game! We push people to the end like a dog leashed up then put a stone on top of them!

Oh yeah so others can profit! Yeah #FuckThatShit I’m #Surfman374 y’all wanna know how to kill a hero ya don’t! We go up Every time! So fill your pockets with blood money! While I teach y’all some Good Order and Discipline 🤍💀🏴🏳️☠️👻🛡⚔️⬜️🟦🖤🏴‍☠️🏁🤍💙☠️🟥⬜️🟦


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