SO – Cial ME – Dia

If you don’t like what I post you don’t have to look at it! To who ever thinks I’m crazy Chief Ramsey was Crazy! David Ramsey is just living with Anxiety Depression Insomnia and PTSD BI-POLar? Hmmmm doesn’t that mean earth is bipolar too because it also has a North and South and East and West! Why do we need to label ourselves when we should focus on the problem not the side effects…. Same thing with modern medicine Great the symptoms not the problem…

Humans we should be better than this! We shouldn’t have to wear labels or be labels by others.

Imagine a world in which we all loved respected and shared in the joys

It’s funny we can all sit in a stadium and praise athletes but when a Hero falls we label them crazy and push them to the side all heroes need your love when you see someone suffering instead of casting judgement maybe you should give them a hug tell them how special they are and realize your the problem not the solution IMO

Y’all get bored coloring is fun! I’m a Bear that’s for sure but I’m still full of love for my country and world family and friends

Today is gonna be epic (remember it’s those who love ya most who often also hurt ya the most)!

It’s Your World Own It Love It Enjoy It

David Ramsey #surfman374


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