L – O – V – E


Love is a double edge sword you need it just as much as you should give it

IMO a the ultimate sword fight not literally with real swords but truly a daily battle to give and take equally to show and tell to hold and enjoy the time away. Love is the ultimate task master.

Love will destroy the mighty and unite them as well. It will make the weak walk, and the silent talk. Love is the ultimate story.

“love so do what you love, and they will love you for who you really are. Never ever change unless you desire more or less.”

Isn’t it funny how those who “love you the most #family often hurt you the worse…

And your friends up becoming the real brothers and sisters you trust in life. That’s because family and loved ones often also have something to say that you might not be ready to hear…

So do your best to send and receive do your best to fill your cup, bucket, pool, or ocean with balanced love one filled with give and take, & equally shared excitement #surfman374


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