This one time


That big guy had to go! Just say’n hello 2021 and a even more sober me sorry I stress sorry I’m human sorry I make mistakes but proud to share I’m healing I’m happy I care about those around me I love ALL MY FAMILY and Am Very ThankFul for My Lord and Savior In God I trust and Life we live… this is what 200lbs looks like way better than that big ol boy in the first pic…

It was never easy, I basically discovered what fasting was , and how much water and walking I could do. Sprinkle in some core work out and just doing my best to live more free of stress. It’s not easy it was rudder probably for those around me. But a sober mind free of opioids and synthetic chemicals is a better mind.

I’m thankful for my family and friends truly … as much as this is a public apology it’s also a public ThankYou to all my WIFE’s friends and family. As I am in texas and rely heavily on the support I get here.. every day gets better if ya let it! I’m a loud ass Italian but an honest one! Yeah I have a temper like a bear but I’m as loyal as a wolf to his pack.

Thank You Veterans Relief Group and Uncle Kyle for your time spent with me… love you Niccole Ramsey life gets real but it’s worth it when ya heal 💙⚓️🧜‍♂️❗️#surfman374 #vrg #unclekye #veteransreliefgroup @kyegordonmusic @veteransreliefgroup @artlopezdesign

It’s what we do with what we have

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