Be Ready, Always Ready

I tell y’all what miss it everyday…. not the back pain although pain is great reminded me of the good times we’ve had it’s also a great reminder to talk about boating safety and safe Spearfishing just say’n the waters a blast… but respect her. Dive with a friend maintain your gear and boat. And have fun. Tell people where your going what your doing when you’ll return. Have all safety equipment ready within expiration dates. Check your flares guns, flares, smoke signals, and or any other emergency signaling devices Don’t Forget Your
🟥⬜️🟥 Flag…

Hope you all have an epic boating season this year…


47’ MLB Conducting Surf Training
52’ MLB Triumph “BIGT”!
Stay Square Y’all
“ It gets real offshore “!
BMC Ramsey 1998-2018 Surfman374
Time Flys 20 years went fast

Make sure ya stretch and take care of your mind, body, & soul… trust me you’ll need it when it’s over…

You can find me in Texas


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