Going Up

With one breath and a few kicks you can enjoy a whole new world. One free of the traffic, free of buildings, free of sidewalks

Freediving is healthy, Healing, and Humbles the SaltySoul in us all.

One Up One Down, I recommend if your interested take a Freediving Course then practice breath hold daily it’s also a great way to calm the body mind and soul.

It’s simple take one full deep breath filling your lungs from your belly to your shoulders. It’s amazing how much air you can eventually take in with daily practice.

The most simple way to learn breath hold is take a breath hold it as long as you can. Not so long you blackout but maybe till you feel the urge to breath. Natural body reaction to lowering of oxygen. when you learn this gut check that literally says it is time to breath (jk) doesn’t say it but I tell ya your body send a signal and feeling you won’t forget. That’s how I started my training around what I call the contraction. It’s best to practice in a place your comfortable I do breath ups daily. While sitting on couch, taking shower, and evening while doing taxidermy. The point is the more you have fun the more you learn your limits. Next practice in the water with a friend. Someone who can watch you. Someone who knows how to recover you from a Shallow Water BlackOut.

Again this is your journey enjoy it. Same thing with deeper diving it all comes with practice and time… the more ya practice it the better you get. The more time you spend doing it the more natural it will become

@ DMRamsey #surfman374 TikTok/IG

If you watch YOUTUBE heres my channel see link below …. that’s a 100+ LB Cubera Snapper harvested within 3nm of the Texas Coast in StateWAters Spearfishing in about 60’ of Water…

Spearfishing Is Fun and Rewarding


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