What it F@cking Means

TurnTwoFuckers 💚

Because people who give a fuck don’t give up! People who bust their fucking tail don’t stop! People who wake the fuck up don’t get much sleep! People who give a fuck that’s who! That’s why! Because they Fucken Care! It fucking makes them happy!

Send It Daily

It Fuckin Works! So next time your about to say #fuckit say #fuckyeah I got This, I Can! I will 💙⚓️❗️ BravoZulu welcome to the #goatlocker #fuckers thats #fuckingsailortalk let’s get Fucken Real is 2021 we can we will we are!

Be About It | Talk About It ⚖️

fuckinglove is the answer #fuckgivingup Turn the Fuck Two! Fucking #surfman374

Turn the fuck to is what I use to say, because that’s what they said to me 😉 – DMRamsey

Did you see the size of that fucking fish? Holy Fucka it was huge fucking rig donkey

TripleDigitHunter DMRamsey

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