Pills 22 Years Getting it Done now CBD


Surfman374 💙⚓️❗️
It’s True this Pic

still think the smell & taste of #Cannabis #CBD better than Pain Pills, Muscle Relaxers, Anti-Inflammatory’s, Sleeping Pills, antidepressants, stimulants , sex pills , getting drunk IMO CBD Because I completely feel so much better now. #surfman374 💙⚓️❗️ #nopills true story #sativa helps me during the day energy is up and I feel more functional out and about , #indica relaxes my muscles and gives me a great night sleep fun fact 75% of the time I got what I needed to operate pain pills worked as prescribed !

I am not At 100% ! I thought to me moving forward was removing the pills! 🦄. 👽. 💊 . Sad life when I was taking it as prescribed as needed 3 lumbar fusion surgery’s Cervical fusion both shoulders rebuilt both wrists right knee still have other half of neck they said we can fuse ! I’m like Nope! And no more pills it was hell from 1998-2020 I was on pills but from the Spring 2020 till now it’s been NO PILLS for me… smoked a pack of cigs for 10months nasty glad I don’t do that anymore. But hey it’s the bring the goal get better be better live better enjoy 😉 love advocating and HUSTLR of #happy days #positivelife Now I enjoy Accupunture!!! Love it! The Super Hero Points Rock! And CBD is my medicine

Doing my job, taking pills, then drinking that was never a good mix… nothing good comes from that. Just taking pills as needed that took me down the road of prescription drug addiction! Let me tell you it happens. sad but true no wonder I was numb, not my self, and very over protective of my passions and opinions

David Ramsey, Chief Surfman374

Those were good ones those days thanks to all the Engineers and BoatCrew we got the job done! #teamwork #surfman #engineer #boatcrew

F/V Cathrine M #afrasgoldmedal

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