Goals | Water | Fasting

Water | H2O | 💧

Always hold yourself to the same as others why I like to say lead by example – Integrity

  • Totally applies when it comes to setting a personal goal company goal team goal everyone every day must do the best they can with what they have – do what’s right when no ones around you cheat yourself and others if ya don’t

Day # 8 of 2021 and I’m down 9lbs

Step 1 – Set a Wieght Loss Goal & Drink Water
step 2 – Drink More Water 😉
step 3 – if ya have to snack be healthy with it

Step 4 – eat within 2-4hrs of bedtime

How’s this look?

Wake Up 5:30-6:30 am

( I Have coffee ) yes

Drink water till Dinner Time for us it’s usually around 6:30-7pm

For dinner Eat as healthy as you can till your full it works for me I’m just say’n…

If I can you can…. I do this till I achieve my desired goal.

You can safely loose 2lbs per week just say’n you will see periods of small amounts loss and large aounts loss. Stick with it it’s called fasting

It helped me get off medications after surgeries and helps me feel cleaner I truly feel way cleaner been just a recommendation for those looking for advice

P.S. I also walk 2-4miles a day when I can! No one says it’s easy! You get knocked down sure but keep your head up stay focused on your goals be your biggest fan!


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