What Type works for Pain CBD 2021

Unfortunately that’s a question only your body will be able to tell you. Is what I like to say because I’m shocked how well my body has responded to these companies products.

In my opinion

Indica – Relaxes Me
Sativa – Wakes me up

When I use my medicine I have energy to actually do things around the house I feel mobility increases, positive vibes, and I just have a better day with energy and mood. I also don’t have the food cravings o admit the first few months I did… but now having been using cannabis products since July 1 2018 I feel way better.

It’s definitely helping CBD products work for me. I’m in texas I have limited ways of getting better access to multiple types of cannabis so that said here’s three choices with multi levels of CBD to choose from

VermontFlower (also great tinctures) the flower tastes amazing when smoked and great to cook with

If your trying to avoid THC then high CBD Strains are what you should choose.

I trust this company

DANKDABBER amazing flavors watermelon x GDP , lemon haze X Pineapple Express, mango X gelato , pure isolate , blueberry OG X GXC

I also enjoy products from this company

CBDISTILLERY truly a great company with so much to offer check them out

Fun Facts

No more pills , no smokes, no chewing tobacco, no more drinking daily, heck lucky if I have one adult beverage a month, anxiety, depression, insomnia, pain management all have become more manageable thanks to products with CBD in them. #surfman374

After having Cervical fusion both shoulders rebuilt full lumbar fusion took three fusion surgeries to eventually have whole lumbar bolted together. Both wrists and right knee surgery. All had me on pills and now no more pills 😉

True Story I hope you enjoy David Ramsey, CC/TX


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