My Dermestid Beetles

Mother Nature works best I use #mydermestidbeetles #europeanmount #skull #saltysoultaxidermy it’s about the process and learning it. I love the Discover side of this, the What happens if, why not, challenging myself to learn other ways the real journey I’m on… #growthmindset #preservation methods #hobby doing a couple of these a year when I worked for a shop we would boil and blast over 500 of these a year. Now I just use my beetles and do it for fun. #truestory #dermestidbeetles work great #davidramsey #texas #wildlifeartist #blogger #podcasts love blogs and podcasts #hustlr

Nasal Preserved

It’s truly about learning the process for me. I only work on a few animals a year but maintain an active beetle colony year round when they aren’t working on skulls I feed them plain ground meat… it’s the journey I love learning about how Mother Nature works.

Wild Boar

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