Brand Builders Why It’s Important

I would love to talk about how to build a brand and why it’s important!

3-4 things business owners need to either start doing or stop doing as it relates to that topic?

4 things you should start doing.

1. Capturing Content us ours them there’s

2. Creating Content telling the story

3. Sharing Content all Social Media Platforms small and large scale audio video photo

4. Keeping the flow & bonus strengthening partnerships, team goals.

Consistent messaging in all things you do help your branding power. Building a brand is paramount because that perception of you can become static and lifelong in the eyes of the beholder. Make that perception a good one!

Start doing – sharing war stories, networking, collaborative marketing with key customers, connecting others, speaking the mission, leading by example

Stop doing – hoarding knowledge, not allowing for change, assuming, waiting for things to go back to normal and tracking every little KPI

Consistent Message

Realize that everything you say and do is going to impact your brand.

How many hours of customer conversation and dialogue did you track this past month? What are the top comments and words consumers use to describe your products? Where do your customers live, work and play? List out the areas, zip codes and cities?

L1 – Leading Self Fundamental to successful development as a leader is an understanding of self and one’s own abilities. This includes understanding one’s personality, values, and preferences, while simultaneously recognizing one’s potential as a leader & Team member.

Leading Others

Leadership involves working with and influencing others to achieve common goals. Team members interact with others in many ways, whether as supervisor, mentor, manager, team member, team leader, peer, or worker. Positive professional relationships provide a foundation for the success of our Goals. Developing the competencies within this category will increase the capacity to serve.

Be about it, Talk About It…


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