Real, and Be Yourself!!

Real, and Be Yourself

YellowFin Digital Gator Gripp HD Racks
Gator-Gripp Rack System #yellowfindigital


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YellowFin Digital | David Ramsey

Featuring David Ramsey of Gator-Gripp

Passion for a product can propel a business forward, and David Ramsey of Gator Gripp Racks has that contagious excitement to see progress. In this episode of the Ecommerce Elite podcast, David tells us about his journey from the military to becoming an entrepreneur.

An Alaskan transplant now living in Texas, David recognized something familiar in the products after a friend introduced him to the brand. Gator Gripp Racks offers a unique product that David connected with because he remembered his dad using something similar that he had created himself on bow hunting trips when David was young. Gator Gripp Racks started as a simple idea: a vehicle-mount to hold bows while bow hunting. As Co-owner and Chief Marketing Officer of Gator Gripp Racks, David’s main focus is authenticity and building connections to share their versatile product with a wide and growing audience. 

The Evolution of a Brand

After connecting with the owner of Gator Gripp, David and his wife started selling the product at outdoor shows. Their desire to grow the brand led to increasing product visibility, both at shows and online. Their product is a quick, quiet rack that mounts onto almost any vehicle and can hold just about anything. There’s a need to securely hold your bow, but that grew into a recognition of other needs in other industries. For example, David remarks on how well the product works for landscaping companies looking to keep tools more accessible from lawn mowers. When you create something that people have a need for, be ready to grow!

David points out that we all have a journey in e-commerce, and you’ve got to start somewhere. There’s a beauty in getting yourself painted into a corner that you want to be in. David believes in the process that he calls, “the evolution of a brand” – taking an idea you like and seeing it through to success. It took about 6 years for Gator Gripp to go from crickets to becoming a better-known brand. David remarks that there will be painful experiences- but that’s a part of growth. New doors have opened as they have worked as a remote team for around 8 years. For example, as a manufacturer, they have the ability to help their vendors as well. 

What Do You Wish You Would’ve Known?

David states that he’s had experiences where he’s discovered that most people are in it for themselves. As a small business owner, you have to be ready; being an entrepreneur means you have to be a master of resilience. David’s recipe for success on social media is to be honest with yourself and others, and to tell a story. He’s found that his business and his life blend because he strives to be real in both. Don’t forget what you’re passionate about and focus on what you really care for. Everybody’s got a dream. You’ve got to work to get there, and strive to make those connections.

What was the transition like going from the armed forces to working in business?

David feels like life is a repeating cycle of “train, maintain, level up, repeat.” In the military and in business, he strives to invest in improvement. He views it all as a lifestyle, and the key to success is working hard at it. Create an environment that you can grow in!

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