Spearfishing Gift Ideas

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Merry Christmas 2020 Happy Holidays from Us To all those who helped us grow Surfman374 David Ramsey BMC Retired

Today’s My Birthday

Birthday Notes —-

42 years ago I was born 1lb 6oz… in Alaska they told my mom I had a LESS than – 5% chance at life… so your Say’n I have a chance at 2.5months prematurely arrived in Anchorage Alaska. So I shoulda been a March Baby ….. 😉 thanks mom and dad!

Truth is Thank You Lord for giving me 42 amazing years, awesome wife, and all my children. Family|Friends Included

I have a lot to be thankful for.

20 years Military Retired a BMC/Surfman374

Now I’m doing what I love daily and thankful. Thankful for my family & friends and the great times I spend outdoors. Thankful for Gator-Gripp Rack Systems, Rigs & Reef Classic, and what SaltySoulTaxidermy has taught me. In the end it’s the lessons learned that make it greater in life.

God is Good! Happy Birthday to me, My Mom, and Father….

42 years of Fun Later…. I’m alive and proud of my life, family, and friends..

Thank You Everyone for the wishes today

Cheers to anyone else who’s day of Birth is Today

I know I’m Thankful 🤟🏻


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