The Journey

Funny looking back. My first job was #stocking grocery shelves at 13 Alpharetta Ga. 2nd job was #WhiteWater Rafting Company Atlanta Georgia, 3rd job Bucking #Hay every summer Wa. 4th job #dishwasher prep cook LaCenter Wa. 5th job home remodeling. 6th job Private #Security Officer Oregon. 7th job 20 years US #Military. 8th Job #CoOwner / #CMO
Texas. #gatorgripphd 9th job #Founder #rigsreefclassicspearfishing 10th job CMCC SCIF #Construction. 11th kinda Hahahah #SaltySoulTaxidermy whoops forgot Small Arms Sales and Paintball Field / Online Store Owner that would have been Job # 7.5 Hahahaha I also worked at papa Murphy’s and McDonald’s during that time as well. 7.5 was fun…

Reality is if we do what we love it doesn’t matter because it’s about lifestyle making it better. (It the product). And #Enjoying Life with those we #love. And #Care About.

#surfman374 #ifitfitsitgripps

2002-2010 #Blacknbluepaintball

Don’t forget to wear your mask it’s 2020 now. HUSTLR #hustlr DMRamsey TikTok & IG also GatorGripp just say’n.. thanks Y’all


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