How I did What I Did

In 2014 I got a phone call and email from an Engineering friend of mine who said hey there’s this company I found while I was looking for a New Gun and bow rack for my quad and they are looking for growth. You know people and enjoy marketing why don’t we work together and see if we can make this happen? Here’s the website. The website link is below. I contacted the Owner and his Wife whom live in Big Horn Wyoming, told him I would love to grow his brand and have some recommendations.

Always wanted a Job in the Outdoor Industry

#gatorgripphd #ifitfitsitgripps #surfman374

Gator-Gripp Then My Cousin Built our New Website and I found an investor for first round production manufacturing as for website we now manage in house making updates as needed.

Looks a lot different from when I got my first racks
The Guy who Told me About Gator-Gripp

So then what happened next? Simple we sold a Pallet of Racks, to a Good friend at the the time. He purchased a whole pallet I tell ya that got me excited!!! Got me Pumped! Thank You Thomas

We Needed a Box

So when the 12 pack showed up they were in plastic. I thought to myself We needed a Box! We we made one 😉 again man in images above was my engineering friend who got me into Gator-Gripp in the first place. What happened next was like my wildest dream come true. Watch we filled up on Show Prep

Big Franks
Niccole and I Big Franks Outdoor Show 2015

May 6th 2015 only 1 year Later here we are at the show Big Franks Outdoor Show

Then the Photos started coming in!

So made the first FaceBook Page! Click photo above. Made the first Instagram Page Click Photo Below. Original Instagram

The Ultimate Hunt TV Show

You know what, We need a New Look! So we did just that! Mount it anywhere Video

New Box, and Rubber upgrades Original Gator-Gripp

With growth comes opportunities, and new goals, new challenges.

The New Team

Brian is the Founder and Original Creator of the ProDraw, and then Gator-Gripp. Then in 2014 I came along I’m David Ramsey now CoOwner and CMO DMRamsey on Instagram a few years later Thomas Joined the Team. We Patented the Products, We Trademarked the Products, and We are selling the Products. We’re on TIKTOK just say’n

An Exciting move for growth and renewal happened when I woke up one day and said we need a new package! We need a New Logo so it happened hundreds of hours later is what it felt like. This guy rocks for stuff like what I’m about to share ArtLopezDesign

That Logo Pops
New Image
Looks great much better
Oh yes they look great stacked in the Retailer Locations Click Pic to find a Retailer
The Future Upgrades
Stacked up ready
Packing each rack comes with mounting bracket
2020 New Racks

Now this has been an amazing year, so great we got selected by Bowhunting.Com & Lancaster’s Archery Supply at Archery Trade Show as a Top 5 Innovative Product. This is a huge Move and Great deal for us!!! Check this Video out of the Gator-GrippHD mounted on one of our Retailers Products Archery Trade Show 2020 if you like that Cart & Bike Combo check out this photo and click it for website

BAKCOU First Manufacturing Retailer & these EBikes and Carts Rock BTW thank you personally from Me Dave Ramsey Bakcou!!!

I truly appreciate your support specially from people like Ronnie Adams and the Whole Crew at Swamp People

The Dream Team at my House in Texas post Back Fusion for me and a few month before I retired a #Surfman374 / Chief USCG. 100% Service Connected Disabled Veteran who served 20 years even got awarded the AFRAS GOLD MEDAL my Sword, my flag, my shadow box.

Nice Shirts I had made from Grunt Style and Hats From Texas SanSaba Hats.

How About That Lid
Ronnie Adams from Swamp People
So you can see we have come along ways from 2014 till now. That’s me at my 2nd show, Thank You thomas for old (new) booth banner.
New Upgrades New Growth
New Booth Owner of Cold Steel Knives / Deadly Buck, and the #coownerlife
New Box
EBike Racks
UTV Racks
Bowfishing Racks like Southern Addictions Setup
BakCou EBikes Setup
Check Us Out Today

I appreciate everyone who has stood beside my David Ramsey, CoOwner Gator-Gripp HD Racks, Gator-Gripp Racks Systems, LLC. As we create, and upgrade our product line look and style.

I guess I got that dream job workin in the Outdoors.

AmandaLynnMayhew appreciate ya
Shoutout to OATHINC & The Ultimate Hunt
F-3 Media Video
F3 Media’s Setup Click Pic For Video
Our 2nd Booth 2016
My first Vendor Trade Show 2014

Talk about Using your recourses and growing bigger than you though I committed in 2014 to Brian Stenger and his Wife Miki to do my job, to date I have.

Deadly Buck & Cold Steel
I’m a American Hero, and I support our Heroes Thank You Bradley a gift for ya.
VIAM Outdoors
One of our Original Hats I made, and our Original Box look no Bags 😉 2014-2015
RespectTheGameTV 2019
We love the Outdoor’s
Click Pic to check Us Out

I’m David Ramsey I started out as a Salesman, now I’m the CMO & CoOwner dreams come true work hard, and do your best. Don’t allow others to influence you be you because in the end that’s what got you here. Stay Square, and if it makes ya happy do it! Fall in Love with the process. for all company stuff 😉

“This is the True Story of 2014 – 2020 from Gator-Gripp Rack Systems, LLC to Gator Gripp HD Racks shout out VIAM Outdoors Respect The Game TV Southern Addiction TV Bakcou Ebikes Swamp People on History Captain Ronnie Adams from Swamp People Tampa Bowfishing Charters Cold Steel Buck Medley Amanda Lynn Mayhew – That Hunting Girl Archery OATHinc The Ultimate Hunt Trade Association – ATA Lancaster Archery Supply 💚✅❗️🐊 David Ramsey” CMO/CoOwner #surfman374 #gatorgripphd #ifitfitsitgripps


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