Disabled Not Dead

“Tell Me How ya Really Feel”

Here’s My Journey Surfman374 , Chief USCG Retired

#survived 3 attempts at Suicide, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, 100lbs gained and lost twice! Chronic Pain, loss of Nerve Function, learned to walk again twice, and after cervical fusion, 3 lumbar fusions, both shoulders, wrists and right need being built back up I’m just glad to be alive and more sober! NO PILLS they are Bad! And Lots of Water”

I Retired as #Surfman374 served 20 years for this Nation and am a #100percentdisabledveteran just say’n I give ZeroFucks for Humans who don’t respect our Nations Heroes, and who think my public opinion of my service and becoming 100% disabled from it after saving 100’s of 1000’s lives is a joke! Who also think my public opinion doesn’t matter. Because it’s better than being dead and not truthful .

At least I have Integrity & Loyalty

F/V Catherine M

And for those 100’s of 1000’s I saved trust me it matters.

I speak my mind daily only to hopefully motivate others. Hopefully set a positive example for others, not be judged by people who don’t appreciate what I did and do daily! I could choose not to put my self out there publicly, what would I be if I didn’t tell the world how it feels, what it takes, or what could make it better.


After learning to walk again twice, to living the life I have too now because of it.
It’s like posting a video of 22 push-ups why don’t ya pick up a phone and call 22 vets! That will save lives faster. If your honoring us than help, if you say your veteran owned or veteran operated keep it that way!

“we made America great, us and those still to serve or are serving as well as bad ass patriots! You see we all make America great! America’s Heroes deserve Respect, Honor, and Devotion we’ve earned”!

22 Phone Calls
True Story
True Story
Click Link Below

What to learn more about AFRAS


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