Goals, LIFE, & DOing it!

In the Beginning Gator-Gripp then the HD

Life’s has been full of Goals for me it was always join the Military, work with wildlife, have a job in the outdoor industry, film, produce, & hunt.

✅ 20 years Served U.S. Coast Guard #surfman374 #chief 100% Disabled Not Dead

✅ Certified Taxidermist #saltysoultaxidermy

✅ CoOwner Gator-Gripp Rack Systems, LLC & Chief Marketing Officer #gatorgripphd #ifitfitsitgripps TIKTOK @ GatorGripp

✅ Founder #rigsreefclassicspearfishing

✅ 100 Ton Captian MMD #saltysoulpanga #saltysoulsurfacedrive

✅ Certified Advanced Outdoor Film & Production School Campbell Cameras

Because life’s to short to not achieve your goals! Stay square y’all

Coast Guard Rescue

GatorGripp on Instagram
GatorGripp on Instagram
Our Texas Event
SaltySoulTaxidermy on FaceBook
See Video click Pic Surfman 374

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