As the Founder of RIGS & REEFS Classic Its my Goal to Help Heroes, All Heroes. After going deep into THE OUTDOOR ASSOCIATION FOR TRUE HEROES i was inspired by the mission to heal VETS. But was motivated to heal more. After 20 years serving in our Community’s around the United States and Conducting Local Rescues with Local EMS I realized my target for healing was larger. From Nome Alaska where we conducted a 30 day mission where we found native Alaskans who were stuck at sea after a walrus hunt. To numerous Sinking Vessels, Vessel Fires, People in the Water, and Vessels Disabled. From Reedsport Oregon, Florence Oregon, Ilwaco Washington, Corpus Christi TX Sabine Pass TX. From Oil Spills, to Hurricane Katrina, & Harvey. 1998, 9/11, to 2018. We Served with All Heroes.

It was this Rescue that Changed my Life.


Truth is Scared me being out there that day. But that’s what kept me Square, because the life of my Crew and People we rescued were all my responsibilities. As a Person Non-Certified I knew I was a Rescue away from a Mishap so I had to be on point. Team Work Saved the Day. For those we couldn’t reach were often saved by EMS, Beach Rescue, or Local Law Enforcement. This is What Inspired ALL HEROES & BLUEWATER HEALING.

It was my wildest Rescue In which I earned my SURFMAN Title as the 374th Surfman. Why do I share all this? Because it healed me. The Ocean Destroyed my Body, but daily heals my soul. PTSD is a Nasty beast. Injury is a Nasty Beast. Disabled is a Disappointment to hear. But it is what happens to those who serve. And that Applies to All Heroes. Law Enforcement, Fire Rescue, EMS… everyone suffers

I put my stories out there to hopefully show others that it is a daily battle. But it’s also a Next Mission to Heal. For me, when I retired I realized its time for Action. Save the Rigs & Reefs. Heal the Oceans. Make them greater. To allow for Sustainable Commercial and Recreational Harvest.

We All have a Story. We all have a Motivation. Some of us are even strong enough to create more and bring more.

This is Ours


Would You like to Help more Heroes like those of the USCG? Help USCG Heroes


Harvey Rescues

Love Support Healing

Columbia River

Nome Alaska, 1998


All Hands on Deck “HARVEY”

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