Donations Work

Wow Thank YOU REDTIDE SPEARFISHING!!! When it comes to growing something you believe in! You can’t do it alone! Trust, Respect, Never Giving Up! Without Sponsors like RedTide our Speargun Sponsor we would not be able to host the event we do in Texas.

Register Today

Entry Fee

And be part of the Only Texas Spearfishing NonProfit Tournament.

Cheers to REDTIDE SPEARFISHING for Donating these Spearguns for the MENS & Women’s TOP DIVER. We on our way to doing great things for our Nations Heroes of OATH! Best way to say thank you is #redtidespearfishing in your photos 🙂

Learn more About OATH? And the OATHSpearfishingTeam

OATH Spearfishing Team


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