Rigs & Reef Classic Journey

Spearfishing is a Sustainable Fishing Method! We Target Fish that are excellent on the dinner plate! We also set limits on fish you enter so we don’t promote over harvest. The Gulf of Mexico is an amazing ecosystem! So is the rest of our Wirlds Ocean! Oil Rigs become a MegaCenter for multiple species in the ocean! We recognize the importance of these Oil Rigs as we say “FishCitys” and we want to see them stay! As for our work we rely completely on Industry Sponsors, Donations & Entry Fee’s to to give to NonProfits like Outdoor Association True Heroes! They are a NonProfit Organization that focus on Active Duty, Veterans, and Family’s! Using Faith, and Healing in the Outdoors!!! Want to learn more about OATH? www.oathinc.org

Help us Grow Rigs & Reef Classic in the Gulf of Mexico! Our Goal is to one day be worldwide with our event!!!


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