Creating Brand & Legacy 2020

In the spring of 2014 I received a shipment of 6 – 12 racks from what was gator-gripp. A Husband and Wife Owned Company in Big Horn Wyoming. Fun Fact it use to be Called “Pro-Draw” then it became Gator-Gripp, Gator-Gripp Rack Systems, LLC then we created the GatorGrippHD & Gator-GrippRMS / Plug Kits and Proud to say the GatorGrippRMS (I’m personally proud of this because it was me thinking outside the box) And what is coming next well you’ll have to check our website every once in a while for updates Gator-Gripp Website

Following this I went to vendors shows, created YouTube videos Watch this Video outdoor shows, worked on new packing, my family built the new website, funded the creation of the first round of GatorGrippHD’s, created newest box, which you receive the newest model in, created hats, thank you Check out gruntstyle for the shirts and I daily created because that’s what it takes. Even on Even on TIkTok

I went from salesman to CoOwner of Gator-Gripp Rack Systems, LLC , yes we have a Patent, Yes We Have a TradeMark and yes I defended our Product (still do) from a “look alike” basically a person who took our design and made one like it just to be a pain in our ass.

I post daily with honesty integrity devotion. Because I’m #surfman374 retired 100% Disabled Veteran who served 20 years and saved 100’s of 1000’s of lives 😉 even earned a Gold Medal at The WhiteHouse AFRAS

Fully committed to building relationships in the outdoors not destroying them. Fully committed to our Brand not My own Self Branding or Marketing. Fully committed to showing the world The Bow, Gun, Utility Rack that changed my social network, allowed me to see it on Swamp People on History have a Booth Archery Trade Association – ATA Show 2020 and work and meet other Owners. Instagram Account @GatorGripp

Retailers  List

It’s been an amazing Outdoor Journey! When you see your product on the Outdoor Channel on The Sportsman Channel and Pursuit Channel when you go to Campbell Cameras yes Campbell Cameras become certified in *advanced outdoor film and production when you see both sides of a world that not only saved my life but taught me! Taught me for some a Handshake no longer means what it once did! Taught me contracts only last as long as your dollar bills you paid. Taught me Brand Support only Follows the Money Trail.

Or Does it? Taught me after 6 years who still loves the Rack and who was only in it for the funds and fame ya you got it fame! You see there’s a Beautiful side to the Outdoor Industry why, simple it’s called healing in the happy place it could be Spearfishing, it’s Called Flounder Gigging, we call it Duck Huntn, Bowfishing, Nilgai Hunting, Big Game Hunting, Pursuit of filling your coolers, making summer sausage, Taxidermy mounting Animals, feeding your family, time liberty granted, Time off work, and fresh air! Peace, mental freedom, strong relationships built from honesty, loyalty, integrity! That lead to strengthening partnerships. You see a Brand is what you make it! A Legacy what you went all in for! The Outdoors taught me nonprofit’s actually profit! But they are helpful. They taught me it’s easy to grow something if you show people a bunch of heroes. Which actually is healing. The outdoors taught me how to heal, be honest, be real! But what I learned best was what comes around goes around! And your company is a reflection of who what where when how and why! So be thankful for those who work hard posting daily for brands, those we now call social media influencers, those we call ambassadors, those we call Hunting Teams, TV celebrities, CoOwners, Owners, Operators, Builders, Creators, Cameramen, and Women! Producers, Hosts, Product Review Specialists. Be thankful for the handshakes, the contracts, the tuff days, the zero account balances that lead to money to funding the investors who believe in you and help you grow more. Be Thankful for the Outdoors.

Be Thankful and Humble! As Leaders build and give more than you take, and receive! As Influencers remember to never forgot your passion. Truth Mine Allows me to run the Biggest Spearfishing Tournament in Texas called Rigsreefclassicspearfishing, allows me to be honest because I’m a CoOwner and Chief Marketing Officer, because I served 20 years as Surfman374. And am 100% Disabled! Allows me to apply that to the next chapter be it Taxidermy, Spearfishing on My Mexican Made Panga the #saltysoulpanga why so I can be honest with my team, the world, future growth, and about the past my dealings with fellow “CoOwners”!

This BLOG allows others to see an opinion see my side of the fence. Never forget what fuels your passion! Never forget your own pursuit! Why you pursue the hunger! When you shake a hand, sign a contract, talk about a brand, post about the products, film the adventure, remember your why! Because a handshake matters. A Deal is a Deal. Remember your crew, your team, take care of them! Remember why you started, and when, never forget the lessons learned!

Don’t be afraid to tell the truth, speak your mind! Say IMO! Because from the website you see, new rack you use, hats and shirts you wear and the last 6.5 years that’s what I have done my family has worked hard on and invested in for the brand, and the legacy!

It’s taught me that when I was recovering from cervical fusion, still require more unfortunately, both shoulders being rebuilt, 3 lumbar fusions, knee surgery, wrists being redone, that I too turned to the couch and TV! How did that happen? Saving hundreds of thousands of lives from rescues at sea to hurricanes. Catherine M or Harvey Heroes

It is healing seeing what I did, knowing what I created, is a Brand, is a Legacy. It’s AmericanMade because I’m an American. It Replaced the Past it’s No Longer Pro-Draw, no longer the Gator-Gripp because it is better! Why? Well because of yesterday’s hard work. is a growing, and selling Globally! We have shippped our Products 100’s of 1000’s of them to others who now enjoy! It is The Worlds Best it’s the only BTW bow, Gun, Utility Rack.

Did it come with a price? You bet it did! Stress, decision, separation, hardships, struggle, take overs, I have seen it all! Par for the course after Thousands, & thousands of hours, dollars, posts, and miles driven. Hundreds of Handshakes. So many pictures my ICLoud looks more like a Hurricane! The true story is the Hustle, The Grind! It is in the end what you did for your Brand! Not what others do or say they did. It would exist if it wasn’t for what was done. It’s about team work and growing and even What you are willing to do for other brands. Ask yourself Do you do it for fame? Do you do it for pay? Do you do it because you love it? Do you do it for healing? In the end, that’s your choice to make. Because you better be about it, if your gonna talk about it! Don’t let the haters, takers, greedy humans, win! Because in every industry they too exist! Don’t let a pandemic destroy your dreams post more! Don’t let fear of TikTok going away or will it be the reason you don’t create! Don’t let Instagram followers like, and shares get the best of you! Don’t let Facebook pages rule your life! Don’t let LinkedIn be the only place you talk big deals. Don’t just post your truth just on Twitter! Don’t be afraid to post what you do on SnapChat! Create a HashTag! #gatorgripphd create a better package, make your website better, ask bigger companies for help with shirts & hats. Have your spouse make a few more! Because it takes all in! It takes showing up way before a paycheck ever does. It takes believing and happiness! Love and passion! Honestly Truth and Trust! Don’t be afraid to Have an open mind, & huge heart! Go all in! Hold those around you accountable and be about it! I truly appreciate the support of Gator-Gripp you have given, appreciation for the love and those who showed up to our Tournament I created called Rigs & Reef Classic. Thank you for trusting me to work on your wildlife while I learn more about the outdoor industry even got certified as a Taxidermist and Created #Saltysoultaxidermy! It’s true I graduated Campbell Cameras Advanced Outdoor Film & Production School. But it’s about time off as well so Thank GOD for the #SaltySoulPanga because I can get away go to test the GatorGrippHD in a HyperSaline Environment in the Texas outdoors. I built the #SaltySoulSurfaceDrive with passion and gear that works to share the love I have for how I enjoy texas with those around me. Life is a journey remember your only as good as your boatcrew! Remember your only as good as your team! Be a leader in your life! Be true to your passion! Build others up, give free advice. Click photo below to go to the Gator-GrippHD Or this Facebook link.

FaceBook page
Fresh Air is a Must

Because what doesn’t hurt ya makes ya stronger! Thanks to the Outdoors because I lost 100lbs, learned to walk again, go all in for The Worlds Best Bow, Gun, Utility Rack, created a Safe space for Spearos to hangout share stories (Spearfishing Talk y’all it’s a group on Facebook) developed new stronger relationships, learned from the old broken ones. And am damn proud when I see the shirt I created, the hats, the pics, the reviews, the smiles! The Taxidermy, the Social Media And proud you share them daily so others may enjoy become inspired and realize this is what it takes!

Cheers Earth this is how a Brand and Legacy is Made IMO ! #surfman374


The Panga

A #Panga is a mono-hull boat. It is not a flat, tunnel or V-hull. A #Pangaboat is a breed of its own. Pangas are not a well-known type of boat in the ❤️🤍💙 United States. Although very popular in Latin America and the Caribbean. #pangalife #jjpanga 28’ Panga Underway with 250Yamaha and Porta Products Bracket 28’ JJPanga Underway Read Info in Video Comments for Links to Companies

Hull Shape

The #Pangahull can be divided into three sections, the bow, the middle, and aft. The bow is the widest part of the Panga and the one with the sharpest point of entry. It is used to break large swells or waves. The center and aft of the Panga´s hull is flat. The flat aft allows it to go to the shallowest places any #backcountry #fisherman or #spearfisherman can find. #Panga boats ride flat on top of the waves, not through the waves like V-hulls, so they glide in choppy water. proven in #baffinbay 4’ – 6’ Wind Driven Cross bow Chop!!! For these boats to deliver peak performance, they should be light and sturdy. This unique shape allows for one of the most versatile and capable boats on the water to date.

Come say hello
I don’t bite as hard as our #gatorgripphd does #surfman374 #ifitfitsitgripps

I’m on YOUTube

2) Engine Power

When have you seen a 25-foot boat powered by a 60hp outboard? You can Do it I have seen it! For our SaltySoulPanga The top speed is 38mph, light just me plus one the cruising speed is 30mph @ 5mpg’s but we can get at best a lil above 6mpg’s. Impressive for a 25-foot boat! Ours does the same and it’s almost 26’ long and 5’6” wide. We ran from Bird Island TX to Port Mansfield TX and back on 21 gallons Fuel!!! The power on the SaltySoulPanga is a Yamaha 115hp. A 150 hp or 200 would rip you along and will probably get a couple of mph more, but the cruising speed will not increase that much so your mpg will be shot. Panga hulls are designed to carry large loads, ours can carry 4500lbs and even though it’s not mentioned to be the fastest boat on the water, they will certainly take you out and bring you back safely, on 40gallons we can run 200NM even in the worst weather conditions. I went out in 4-6 occ 8’ + with 35-40mph winds and the boat handled and ran like a champ!

3) Assisted Bailing Cockpit

What is an assisted bailing cockpit? It is a boat that requires the help of a bail system to get rid of the water. A self-bailing cockpit drains the water itself as the floor sits above the water line. We have two installed bilge pumps on the boat they are on floats and switches. Just Incase also carry two 5gallon buckets to assist in water removal if it ever came to it you can never be over prepared Nowadays, most #Pangaboats are self-bailing. Pangas´ with center console models most all have self-bailing systems. The commercial Panga designs, like the skiff models you see in Mexico on the Beaches, have assisted bailing systems. This does not mean that they will not capsize in heavy seas or rain or while sitting at the dock. Panga boats have been used for commercial purposes for decades now. It is not uncommon for a fisherman to catch fish with a Panga 150 miles offshore for 3 days at a time without issues and under the most challenging of weather and sea conditions. In my opinion, the simpler the design, the better. Even with an assisted bailing cockpit, Panga boats are extremely reliable and seaworthy! They have a proven design and continue to withstand the most avid anglers fishing challenges.

4) Narrow Beam

Sometimes called the banana-boat, because it is long and thin. We all believe that the wider the boat, the better the ride. Wait till ya cross Baffin Bay or the coastal waters on a wide boat! Lots of Hull Slap! And air gets under them and can increase bull slap. But not on the narrow beam of a Panga #Launcha Style Boat. This is a very common misconception and many people are “afraid” of the narrow beam. A narrow beam does not make for an unstable boat! Unless it’s got a Tall Super Structure Like High Cabin. Well then it will roll but put panga doesn’t have much exposed above the waterline. Not to mention If the manufacturer balances and builds the Panga properly, there is no reason for the boat to be “tippy” as we call it. Remember that this design has been tested and re-tested all over the world for over 50 years! Don’t be shy about the beam. If you have never experienced a Panga before, I strongly suggest you contact me so we can go for a ride in our Panga. As I love these boats truly, and would love to help you get rid of this misconception.

I hope you enjoy this Read, please Share and check out your local Panga Dealer #saltysoulpanga

Previously I owned a 19’ with shallower modifications done, and it ran amazing this 25’ is certainly a step up!

Also great point on inbound runs down swell runs surfing is no bueno unless you ran a MotorLife Boat and even then they laid over hard Trust me I am and was #surfman374 stay on the back of all swells when inbound! As surfing or riding a chine will and can happen that’s when your keel shifts, to the chine and it’s a heck of a ride! Forcing you to spin, lay over, or roll! We trained to over come the swell dynamic it’s not something I’m gonna publicly teach on this post! But I will say, the only real way to learn your hulls capacity and capability is get out and run the boat. That is not to say put your self or others at risk! #SOLAS means Safety of Life At Sea and as a Captain of your Boat, Safety of Self and others is #1 next safe Navigation! Get a Copy of NavRules Book specifically if your gonna run ship channels and high traffic places, take an online boaters course! I still hold an active 100Ton MMD.

A setup like ours with a center console could run ya TOTAL PRICE AS QUOTED ABOVE: $35K – $40k+ some larger models like the 33’ Panga could run ya $50 – $60K Brand new these days rigged up with trailer motor boat decked out.

Bow Deck
Deck & Covers
Aft Battery and Stowage Box

Boat Builder Running Loaded
What a Panga is Capable of Putting you on!
Not gonna joke Panga Tiburoneras build’s a boat that’s got me all charged up I love my tiller drive but imo this boat he build’s that’s one sexy sea worthy beast right there

Very well built #pangatiburoneras



1. Dates – Aug 15th 6am – Aug 18th 430pm

Scale OPENS 430pm – 6pm 18th Aug 2018 PACKERY CHANNEL BOAT LAUNCH
Zahn Rd, Corpus Christi, TX 78418







Top Women SPEARO
Top Youth age 0-17
Amberjack 1,2,3
Wahoo 1,2,3
Cobia 1,2,3
Red Snapper 1,2,3
Snapper Other 1,2,3
SheepHead 1,2,3

8. Whole FISH ONLY, will be weighed! In the Event of a Tie! Earliest Fish turned in wins!

9. PreRegistration $60.00 Date July 20th 6pm! Register by this date to receive a Tournament Shirt!
10. Registration $75.00 Deadline Date 6pm 1 AUG 2018.

In the event of a Cancellation Back Up Date will be Sept 15th 2018.


Contact Dave Ramsey 503-298-0592 to Pay Entry Fee and tell Size of Shirts!

or Credit Card/Debit Card excepted

Entry Fee this year is $60.00US.
(100% will be Donated to


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