The Panga

A #Panga is a mono-hull boat. It is not a flat, tunnel or V-hull. A #Pangaboat is a breed of its own. Pangas are not a well-known type of boat in the ❤️🤍💙 United States. Although very popular in Latin America and the Caribbean. #pangalife #jjpanga 28’ Panga Underway with 250Yamaha and Porta Products Bracket 28’ JJPanga Underway Read Info in Video Comments for Links to Companies

Hull Shape

The #Pangahull can be divided into three sections, the bow, the middle, and aft. The bow is the widest part of the Panga and the one with the sharpest point of entry. It is used to break large swells or waves. The center and aft of the Panga´s hull is flat. The flat aft allows it to go to the shallowest places any #backcountry #fisherman or #spearfisherman can find. #Panga boats ride flat on top of the waves, not through the waves like V-hulls, so they glide in choppy water. proven in #baffinbay 4’ – 6’ Wind Driven Cross bow Chop!!! For these boats to deliver peak performance, they should be light and sturdy. This unique shape allows for one of the most versatile and capable boats on the water to date.

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2) Engine Power

When have you seen a 25-foot boat powered by a 60hp outboard? You can Do it I have seen it! For our SaltySoulPanga The top speed is 38mph, light just me plus one the cruising speed is 30mph @ 5mpg’s but we can get at best a lil above 6mpg’s. Impressive for a 25-foot boat! Ours does the same and it’s almost 26’ long and 5’6” wide. We ran from Bird Island TX to Port Mansfield TX and back on 21 gallons Fuel!!! The power on the SaltySoulPanga is a Yamaha 115hp. A 150 hp or 200 would rip you along and will probably get a couple of mph more, but the cruising speed will not increase that much so your mpg will be shot. Panga hulls are designed to carry large loads, ours can carry 4500lbs and even though it’s not mentioned to be the fastest boat on the water, they will certainly take you out and bring you back safely, on 40gallons we can run 200NM even in the worst weather conditions. I went out in 4-6 occ 8’ + with 35-40mph winds and the boat handled and ran like a champ!

3) Assisted Bailing Cockpit

What is an assisted bailing cockpit? It is a boat that requires the help of a bail system to get rid of the water. A self-bailing cockpit drains the water itself as the floor sits above the water line. We have two installed bilge pumps on the boat they are on floats and switches. Just Incase also carry two 5gallon buckets to assist in water removal if it ever came to it you can never be over prepared Nowadays, most #Pangaboats are self-bailing. Pangas´ with center console models most all have self-bailing systems. The commercial Panga designs, like the skiff models you see in Mexico on the Beaches, have assisted bailing systems. This does not mean that they will not capsize in heavy seas or rain or while sitting at the dock. Panga boats have been used for commercial purposes for decades now. It is not uncommon for a fisherman to catch fish with a Panga 150 miles offshore for 3 days at a time without issues and under the most challenging of weather and sea conditions. In my opinion, the simpler the design, the better. Even with an assisted bailing cockpit, Panga boats are extremely reliable and seaworthy! They have a proven design and continue to withstand the most avid anglers fishing challenges.

4) Narrow Beam

Sometimes called the banana-boat, because it is long and thin. We all believe that the wider the boat, the better the ride. Wait till ya cross Baffin Bay or the coastal waters on a wide boat! Lots of Hull Slap! And air gets under them and can increase bull slap. But not on the narrow beam of a Panga #Launcha Style Boat. This is a very common misconception and many people are “afraid” of the narrow beam. A narrow beam does not make for an unstable boat! Unless it’s got a Tall Super Structure Like High Cabin. Well then it will roll but put panga doesn’t have much exposed above the waterline. Not to mention If the manufacturer balances and builds the Panga properly, there is no reason for the boat to be “tippy” as we call it. Remember that this design has been tested and re-tested all over the world for over 50 years! Don’t be shy about the beam. If you have never experienced a Panga before, I strongly suggest you contact me so we can go for a ride in our Panga. As I love these boats truly, and would love to help you get rid of this misconception.

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Previously I owned a 19’ with shallower modifications done, and it ran amazing this 25’ is certainly a step up!

Also great point on inbound runs down swell runs surfing is no bueno unless you ran a MotorLife Boat and even then they laid over hard Trust me I am and was #surfman374 stay on the back of all swells when inbound! As surfing or riding a chine will and can happen that’s when your keel shifts, to the chine and it’s a heck of a ride! Forcing you to spin, lay over, or roll! We trained to over come the swell dynamic it’s not something I’m gonna publicly teach on this post! But I will say, the only real way to learn your hulls capacity and capability is get out and run the boat. That is not to say put your self or others at risk! #SOLAS means Safety of Life At Sea and as a Captain of your Boat, Safety of Self and others is #1 next safe Navigation! Get a Copy of NavRules Book specifically if your gonna run ship channels and high traffic places, take an online boaters course! I still hold an active 100Ton MMD.

A setup like ours with a center console could run ya TOTAL PRICE AS QUOTED ABOVE: $35K – $40k+ some larger models like the 33’ Panga could run ya $50 – $60K Brand new these days rigged up with trailer motor boat decked out.

Bow Deck
Deck & Covers
Aft Battery and Stowage Box

Boat Builder Running Loaded
What a Panga is Capable of Putting you on!
Not gonna joke Panga Tiburoneras build’s a boat that’s got me all charged up I love my tiller drive but imo this boat he build’s that’s one sexy sea worthy beast right there

Very well built #pangatiburoneras