Thanks Everyone


Hope everyone has a beautiful blessed day today . DMR

To be honest I’ve had a blast the last few years pushing online creativity to my furthest limits hopefully giving you a smile yes I used a few dramatic creative ideas but honestly it’s all of the cuff raw uncut and emotion created. With a few goals

One the eyes of all
Make ya laugh
And show ya it’s okay to joke but not okay to real life hurt someone.


Welcome to my metaverse (don’t question my love, me as a father, husband, and friend.) trust me I’m all in with my family and circle ⭕️ as much as I enjoy people asking #HonestlyImFine I’m being creative and my doctors told me social media and apps are a great way to heal express create and journal to take the opinions of others as it is… often jealous often wishing often wanting more is what most people are more interested in. And taking sides. When it comes to family I say take everyone’s side listen shut up and love eachother

“Go be free and create what you are online” #DMR

Love is the Answer

Banned means more time for music


Whoops I did it again



Good news lmfao 🤣 I won’t be on TikTok seems ya post enough they ban ya anyways lmfao #TheDitchWars #HowToGetBannedClass post about witches law enforcement and narcos lmfao #OpsNormalCourse lmfao 🤣 😂 🤪 #Dadlife sober moments (trying to have one is hard when they all trying to bury ya”! Lmfao 🤣 what’s the GOATLOCKER? Ya gotta eat some grass to find out ya sheep! Lmfao 🤣 here’s your DuneGrass go smoke it! Lmfao your welcome 🙏🏾 lmfao #GoatLockerInc gahahahahahaha poetry made me do it #writepoetrygetblocked

Salvation ReBirth Growth

Love Is The Answer

Musk and Love believe I heard them say that …


Friends make it Better Family does it together

Just wanted to share “TheDitchWars”. What is it? Funny showing Love to a region whom has suffered yes spooky show yes pushing yes teaching yes building creating growing and showing amen 🙏🏾 #TheDitchWars mind body soul #GoatLockerInc is all of our suffering over mother earths resources from poppyseeds to cannabis seeds we have plants to heal! We all channel positive or negative vibes we can’t be with the others! Why we conflict! Simple adjustment of who and or what is in your area effects ya all the way! For me I can’t have negative near me I get sick I can’t help it I love from my heart I can’t help being honest from my crown #DavidMRAmsey #positiveempath From soul to Gas Guns and Beer Church and State let’s ride stronger together for the indigenous the original all of us we call #Americans cause we still can

Just some clean water

positivevibesoperators class #GOATLockerInc #dmr #The #hallucination filled with Beautiful Human Beings been there they trained my blood 🩸 my vibe my light my vessel my body my mind my soul they actives my shadow and taught me to live in peace with the asshole #Loveistheanswer 🦄🌵🌻🩸🏴‍☠️🇮🇹🇺🇸☠️🌈🍭🩸🪦 #TheDitchWars #GlobalOperations through peace and love and communication with a sprinkle of development and creative art throw in some fresh grass and trees clean water ya got #Edan The Creators happy Place #MotherEarthOperators