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WildLifeArtist – DMRamsey , SaltySoulTaxidermy Founder

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If you would like to be part of our return now is your chance.. the Future of This Event is in Your Hands…

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The Past Is What We Have Done, The Future Is Ours To Create, we would like to raise awareness for the Oil Rigs and Reefs of the World. Man Made or Not if it ends up in the Ocean and Fish can Live in It, we should leave it alone. If we can make our reefs and ocean habitat better we will certainly positively effect our oceans natural resources leaving it better than we hen we found it. Leave the Rigs, and enhance our Reefs. That’s the thoughts I have on how to make our oceans healthy more sustainable

Without Rigs where would they live?

That’s what I ask myself when I’m underwater. Where will all of these fish, sea turtles, Whale Sharks , and birds live? What will happen? How many do we truly destroy by removing these Ocean Habits we created.

The Future is Now

Rigs & Reefs Classic

Breath Hold Apnea 🤔 healing

Spearfishing Tips & Tricks get the body healthy some thoughts for you to consider IMO a they helped me also drinking more water a little a lot 😉

Big WarSaw Grouper

Apnea 3-4min breath hold sessions ⚓️ helps me find my way. Accupunture takes the pain away retunes me. Walking…. stimulating circulation, humming low and high stimulation then stretching… repeat daily. #spearfishingtipsandtricks David Ramsey #rigsreefclassicspearfishing

Winner of Deep Water Big Fish Division
See link … 💙⚓️❗️🤠🌵🧜‍♂️

If your interested in Spearfishing check these companies out… IMO a they are all amazing I would welcome more if your interested… @rigsreefclassicspearfishing or

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Sail Into Your Life 🥊⚓️❗️

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DMRamsey , CoOwner | CMO #IGY6 #GHY6 🚀⚔️🛡👑

I LIKE TO HIT SHIT just say’n watch

BRAVOZULU 🇺🇸🌵🤠🐊💚✅….. ⚓️


I love Spearos, they understand FISHHUNTERS Waterfasting WaterHumans

Cheers Y’all


I like my setup when I’m not hanging meat I might as well when ya beat a bag it releases negativity negative the bad shit it’s such good anger management

Have a good day world