Blessed Coast Born

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I wrote a Book Once #Squareup #surfman374

It’s about Honor Respect And Devotion

Duck Lips ….. lmfao 🤣

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What Goes Up

Must Come Down! Sweet if your on LAND! Or in AIR and want to LAND as intended…

But what if your UNDERWATER a you go down! NO NO NO thats not what we want

Buoyancy more after pic on this ….

Unless your trained and properly weighted

Consult your local freedive instructor or scuba instructor 💙⚓️❗️

Life without oil rigs will be sad

Time for #spearfishingtalk buoyant talk as stated above you definitely want to understand what this means #spearfishingtipsandtricks – to float in water or air or some other fluid. What goes up must come down! To the bottom of the ocean so don’t overload your belt! Remember practicing releasing your belt saves lives!!!! If your struggling drop your belt! If your buddy is struggling drop the belt! #dropthebelt #leadsinks #leadsinker #whatareyousinkingabout #surfman374 #freediverslife #makedivinggreatagain nah it’s already great just #safe #makedivingsaveagain or was it #makedivingsafeagain keep it do it safe be safe safe hunting means safe hunting buddies as well remember what’s past what your shooting! To many people #getshafted each year another day diving when you play it safe just say’n #trainmaintainoperate #fishhunter @dmramsey founder – @rigsreefclassicspearfishing

This is why OIL RIGS a should STAY IMO

Thanks for reading this blog – it’s about sustainable sustainability the fishery the harvest the smile they taste the pay check the continued global community of working to make better what we have. Leave the rigs , enhance our reefs eat fish eat from the water 💧 happy water happy world ⚓️ Surfman374 💙 TripleDigitHunter

Breath Hold Apnea 🤔 healing

Spearfishing Tips & Tricks get the body healthy some thoughts for you to consider IMO a they helped me also drinking more water a little a lot 😉

Big WarSaw Grouper

Apnea 3-4min breath hold sessions ⚓️ helps me find my way. Accupunture takes the pain away retunes me. Walking…. stimulating circulation, humming low and high stimulation then stretching… repeat daily. #spearfishingtipsandtricks David Ramsey #rigsreefclassicspearfishing

Winner of Deep Water Big Fish Division
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Dive Alone Die Alone

Top 4 that made me reflect today are . . . . #wisdom #enlightenment #leadership comes from #knowledge wisdom #being #thinking doing #experience 💡 #surfman374 👑
💙⚓️❗️ @dmramsey #spearfishingtipsandtricks #pastureofpain #bluewaterhealing #spearfishing #rigsreefclassicspearfishingtournament #rigsreefclassicspearfishing #rigsandreefs #rigsandreefclassicspearfishing the process the Journey the water around us as we dive the fish turning away on our last breath. Knowing the risk of #swb shallowwaterblackout I wish I would have preached #shallowwaterblackoutprevention #shallowwaterblackoutawareness sooner because since 2011 till today ive blacked out twice #shallowwaterblackout is real! I did a dance felt like #sambas and decided to shoot a #rigdonkey that took me down to 300’ on #scuba then lost air and got saved found god my lord thank you! But true story price to pay #decompressiontherapy #decompressionchamber it sucks been there done that besafe #oneuponedown remember if you Dive Alone, you’ll Die Alone

divealonediealone #waterman #surfman #swbsurvivor I’m a survivor so I can tell what happened @rigsreefclassicspearfishing founder @dmramsey

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Surfman USCG LifeBoatSailors

I’m Surfman 374 @ CAPE D Ilwaco, Wa is where I certified my Dream was to always be a Surfman at Cape D growing up seeing the surf and the rescues it’s all I ever wanted to do

The Original Beach Rescue

So I did it…. along with so many others only a handful are certified each year probably like 5-10 I believe is what was the average

From 1991-1997 Archery Elk hunting I would watch them train from the mountains you could see them in the surf you would here the stories of shipwrecks and know commercial fishing families whom have lost many to her cold waters I remember telling my dad I wanna be a Surfman they laughed at me in BootCamp said good luck! And then sent me to Port Clarence, Nome Alaska a Dang LORAN Station the last of the 1350’s you could actually see Russia from the top it was 1350’ Tall – 1991-97 was good times chasing bulls bears and Blacktails with my bow

True a story is what it is, that’s SailorTalk ⚓️💙❗️DMRamsey on TikTok & IG David Ramsey on FaceBook

Look for the guy Spearfishing hahahah

NMLBS Surfman Checks

Surfman here are the Checks each Surfman is Issued a Number mine is 374 it’s Registered with #USCG and Displayed at the #NMLBS National Motor Lifeboat School additionally a Surfman will hang his or her Check on the Station Board they are Stationd at, some units actually have a board as seen in 4th image below which shows who made Surfman at that Specific #SurfStation and in this image is #capedisappointment #surfman from #coastguard #stationcapedisappoinment Ilwaco, Washington

America 💙⚓️❗️🇺🇸 Some Went Over Seas, Surfman, Engineers, & Crew Members went Through Them … 40’-50’s 80-100mph+ yep seen it went through it, ended up upside down not fun

True Story “SailorTalk”… Surfman374
We Go Through Them

Shoutout to surfman199 #surfman202 #surfman220 #surfman247 #surfman248 #surfman255 #surfman261 #surfman277 #surfman288 #surfman297 #surfman299 just to name a few I know #surfman302 #surfman321 #surfman324 #surfman339 #surfman349 #surfman375 #surfman391 #surfman392 #surfman406 #surfman417 #surfman442 #surfman443 #surfman470 #surfman544

surfman #engineer #crewmember #uscg #boatcrew #52mlbsurfman #surfman374 💙⚓️❗️ BravoZulu Y’all 🇺🇸 @dmramsey (Instagram|TikTok) #47mlb52mlbsurfman #DavidRamsey @rigsreefclassicspearfishing #waterman #fishhunter

and shout out to all my brothers and Sisters of the US Coast Guard Surfman Aviator Support and Ship Crews the Whole USCG Community 💙⚓️❗️ these Surfman above are listed on CapeD’s Surfman Check Board and the big Board at the National Motor LifeBoat School in Ilwaco Wa. (2nd Image Below).

I Miss it Everyday & Still Feel it Every Day we wore two more layers under those dry suits a safety harness rescue vest fully rigged with flares mirror knife and more and helmet WatchCap goggles & gloves

I made Basic Coxswain (Boat Driver) at #stationumpquariver and #siuslawriver coast guard Station then #heavyweathercoxswain at #CapeD and #surfman at #coastguardstationcapedissapointment #legacy #lifeboatsailors #boatcrew #surfrescue Im a #47mlb and #52mlb #52mlbsailors #bigt #triumph @uscg


Above is the Surfman Checks with the Surfman of the United States Coast Guard

Front & Back Surfman Checks at NMLBS

Coast Guard Station Cape Disappointment Surfman see next image of “Certified” Surfman from Cape D home of BIGT the 52’ MLB Triumph

I’m Surfman 374 @ CAPE D Ilwaco, Wa is where I certified my Dream was to always be a Surfman at Cape D growing up seeing the surf and the rescues it’s all I ever wanted to do
47’ MLB with Full BoatCrew
52’ MLB Triumph

Yes it is Hello Darkness My Old Friend we called it the “greenroom” #180club

SailorTalk #SailorTalk
52’ MLB W/BoatCrew in Surf
Surf Rescue Catherine M

See This Video

Catherine M Coast Guard Rescue VIDEO

See Above Video

AFRAS GOLD MEDAL | Chester R Bender Award Heroism

The Original Shore Patrol

Sand Pounders

Fun Bonus Round video it’s didn’t end easy either Hurricane Harvey was no bueno y’all

Watch Hurricane Harvey Rescue’s

But it showed the world humans can work together and did to save the affected humans of our Nation.