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We are so Thankful for this Texas Company! What a way to Salute our Heroes! And Support our Spearfishing Tournament! Returning Sponsors, and Donors Tito’s Vodka!

– TiTo’s VoDka –

We Thank You for Providing what you do for our Texas Spearfishing Tournament!

36 Bottles Tito’s Texas Vodka

Not only this, show of Support but also a Cash Donation has been Made to The Outdoor Association for True Heroes (OATH) Rigs & Reef Classic Spearfishing Tournament!

Please consider helping us and making a Donation your Self. Click link below.

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The Shirt

We at Rigs & Reef Classic want to Represent so we Created with the Help of Night Owl Marketing and Grunt Style The Spearfishing Shirt to have!

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The Texas Flag – Representing the State The Outdoor Association for True Heroes and Rigs & Reef was Founded!

Event Shirt

The Freediver – Representing the Hunter

The Fish – Representing the Sustainable Harvest of our Event!

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Weather Update – β€œRed Sky at Night”

Light a Candle

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Weather Update

Indeed, there is scientific validity to the adage,

“red sky at night sailors delight; red sky in the morning sailors take warning.”

This saying has very old roots.

In the bible (Matthew 16:2-3), the following quote is attributed to Jesus: “When it is evening, ye say, fair weather: for the heaven is red and lowering.” There are also versions of this saying that refer to shepherds instead of sailors.

Two factors contribute to the cogency of this saying. The first is that weather systems generally travel from west to east in the mid latitudes. Because the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, a rising sun in advance of an approaching weather system would illuminate the approaching mid- and high-level clouds to create a red sky in the morning. Alternatively, if the sun is setting as a weather system exits and high pressure is building, then the departing clouds would be illuminated. This would create a red sky at night with fair weather to follow.

This next Week is turning out to be Amazing πŸ˜‰ temps in the 80’s, Winds 10-15kts, Sea’s 2′-3’…..

Read below for – Light a Candle

“If you’re burning the whole candle, say, “I will have good luck” for every one-third of the candle that melts away. When it’s time to blow out the candle, imagine the bad luck in your life being extinguished. Light a candle in the color of your choice and say, “This candle represents me.”

Weather Updates / Safety Equipment

Besides Knowledge of Sport, Boat Maintenance, & Safety Equipment what is the most important thing to Focus on?


Marine Weather Forecast

When going Offshore nothing can make a trip worse than Weather! So pay attention to the forecast 2-3 days before and 2-3 days after. Is it building? Is it staying the same? Is it dropping? Are there systems coming in? Pay attention!

That’s what makes a trip on the Water! Always take 1-3 more days worth of water, food, and clothes!!! Be prepared Have a Backup Radio, Communication, Two Way Satellite Radio, Epirb, Safety Equipment!

Our Recommendations

INREACH Global Satellite Technology

SPOT Two Way Satellite Messenger

EPIRB/PLB – Personal Locator Beacon