Active Duty, Reserve, or a Veteran? Are you Registered with OATHinc yet?

If you have an active military ID card (Active Duty, National Guard or Reserves) or a DD214, you are eligible to join OATH.

The Mission of the Outdoor Association for True Heroes, Incorporated, or OATH, Inc., is a faith based Nonprofit Organization that utilizes various outdoors activities centered around Faith, Family, and Community to improve the quality of life of our eligible Veterans.

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Registered? Simple Click Link below. Read all about what we do, the registration and the registration process! After all it’s Free! We understand your sacrifices, we served. And now we are here for you! Read about the requirements on link below.

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Next after reading, fill out the application page. Here is a quick link.

The Application

Once complete with the additional requirements send in your application.

Rigs & Reef Classic is just one Example of an Amazing OATH Event.

Rigs & Reef Classic Spearfishing Tournament

OATHSpearfishing Team is a Group of OATH Registered Veterans who use the Love for Water to Heal. Follow them on Facebook.

OATHSpearfishing Team

Read about them online

About OATHSpearfishing Team

– USA Spearfishing Team –

Donate – Donate – Donate

The OATHSpearfishing Team is Proud to Help for the FIRST time ever, Team USA WOMENS Spearfishing to hunt in the 1st CMAS Worlds Spearfishing Championship! Women will have the chance for the first time in history to compete on the same level as the Mens Teams. This is a very historic year, and the Women representing Team USA are in need of our National support for making this happen. We have Defended Freedom, the Same Freedom These Women Represent! So Let’s All do what we can, to make it happen! These Amazing OneBreath FishHunters Need our Support! One the Quest for the Championship Title!

Donate – Donate – Donate

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Your kind donation will go to helping Fund Flights to Portugal, Rooms to stay, Boat fees, Entry fees, and Food.

We have three Women Divers on Team USA. Each Diver needs our Help! They will need funds to cover the following. All costs are approximate

Entry fees 1500.00 x 3 = 4500.00

Boat Rental / Fees = 500 x 4 days = 2000.00

Food = (50 x 3) x 4 days = 600.00

Flights = 1200 x 3 divers = 3600.00

Rooms = 200 x 4 days = 800.00

Donate – Donate – Donate

Additional costs for transportation, gear / equipment /boat fuel we are hoping to raise an additional $2000.00

Want too Donate?

Please help make history for WOMEN in the Spearfishing Sport this year! As we all know this is mostly a men’s sport!  Sponsorship and funding in the diving industry, is not the same as mainstream sports, so we appreciate all the help we can get with funding!

You can help!

We have 3 very talented women representing the USA this year and to hopefully inspire women worldwide and many generations of women divers to come. Please help them reach their dreams & goals!

Every Dollar Helps

Want to learn more about OATH Programs?

OATHSpearfishing Team

The Outdoor Association for True Heroes


2018 Tournament Results

2018 Rigs & Reef Classic Results


Lewis S. – 72.0lbs

Mike B. – 59.5lbs

Lewis S. – 44.3lbs

George B. – 42.7lbs

Dallin K. – 42.0lbs

Brandon H. – 29.3lbs

Nick B. – 27.7lbs


Lewis S. – 24.4lbs

Josh N. – 14.1lbs


Brandon N. – 18.0lbs

Josh N. – 13.2lbs

Lewis S. – 11.6lbs

Lewis S. – 10.5lbs

Lewis S. – 9.9lbs

Dallin K. – 9.2lbs

Dallin K. – 7.7lbs

Hunter – 6.6lbs

Don B. – 5.2lbs

Justin R. – 5.2lbs

Justin R. – 4.8lbs

Josh N. – 4.6lbs

Snapper Other

Lewis S. – 14.7lbs

Mike B. – 10.3lbs

Brandon N. – 9.4lbs

Dallin K. – 8.3lbs

Lewis S. – 8.1lbs

Aaron C. – 7.4lbs

Dallin K. – 7.0lbs

Josh N. – 6.8lbs

Mike B. – 6.8lbs

Sean A. – 5.9lbs

Sean A. – 5.7lbs

Sean A. – 4.8lbs

Mike – 4.4lbs

Justin R. – 2.2lbs


Lewis S. – 5.0lbs

Lewis S. – 3.9lbs

Amanda H. – 3.7lbs

Aaron C. – 3.7lbs

Aaron C. – 3.5lbs

Sean A. – 3.5lbs

Dallin K. – 3.0lbs

Don B. – 3.0lbs

Aaron C. – 2.6lbs

Dallin K. – 2.6lbs

Dallin K. – 2.2lbs


George B. – 0.6lbs

Thank You for your Support! We Salute our Sponsors

After seeing Fish from Texas Past 😉 super Excited to see what everyone brings in Saturday for Rigs & Reef Classic Spearfishing Tournament! Niccole and I founded this Event a few years ago, and with help of some friends and industry here we are a few years later! We appreciate “all hands on deck”!

We Salute You our Sponsors!

Learn about our Sponsors

Our Sponsors

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This event was founded to bring Texas and Surrounding Country/States Together to enjoy the Sport of Spearfishing! This has grown each year with new divers signing up year after year! What I ask is you share your adventure, be thankful and share what you have won. If it wasn’t for the Donations from the Industry list on our Website this Event would not be Possible! And we wouldn’t be able to raise funds for The Outdoor Association for True Heroes!

Learn more about OATH,


A life saving and changing Organization! Trust me I just retired July 1st, and was rated 100% Disabled! I understand what family deals with, and what the service members have to Sacrifice! I understand time away from home to serve our Country! I have lost, I have Won! I never gave up! This is about us all of us from those who help, to those who donate, and of course Compete! I thank You!

Please Consider a Donation.


Spearfishing Changed my life gave me focus, and the ability to hunt! I can’t hunt like I use too! Big mountains would certainly be difficult! But flat blue waters, are a welcoming healing place for those who seek it out. We are Watermen & Women! Be Safe, we truly Appreciate your Support!

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Stepping Up BOOM!

We are so Thankful for this Texas Company! What a way to Salute our Heroes! And Support our Spearfishing Tournament! Returning Sponsors, and Donors Tito’s Vodka!

– TiTo’s VoDka –

We Thank You for Providing what you do for our Texas Spearfishing Tournament!

36 Bottles Tito’s Texas Vodka

Not only this, show of Support but also a Cash Donation has been Made to The Outdoor Association for True Heroes (OATH) Rigs & Reef Classic Spearfishing Tournament!

Please consider helping us and making a Donation your Self. Click link below.

Donate Today to Help Our Veterans

Want to learn about OATHinc? Are you a Veteran? Are you Registered?