2020 Hit List Update



(Spearos Helping others Harvest a Fish to prevent loss of fish and harm to divers is authorized)

1. Dates – Aug 13 6am – Aug 15th 5pm

Scale OPENS 530pm – 7pm 15th Aug 2020 Marker 37 Marina

13317 S Padre Island Dr, Corpus Christi, TX 78418

Contact Dave Ramsey (503) 298-0592 or Niccole Ramsey (361)-779-2978 with questions we except PAYPAL and or Debit| Credit


*Top Women SPEARO
*Top Youth SPEARO age 0-17

How do you earn topspearo? Get your name on the board most

*FRESH WATER FISH Division 1st, 2nd, 3rd any Legal Fish

*Pelagic Division
Amberjack / African Pompano
Wahoo / Mahi / Tuna / King Mackerel
Cobia / Grouper / Snapper Other

*Coastal Division
Red Snapper (If open)
Snapper Other / Grouper / King Mackerel
SheepHead / BlackDrum / Flounder  

What’s Snapper Other? – I am referring to your other snapper class , cubera , grey snapper , dog snapper

(* prizes awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place points per pound all legal limits per species apply can not exceed daily bag limits state/federal rules apply)

Scenario – Spearo A brings in 56lb amberjack + 40lb cobia + 12lb Cuberra Snapper = 108lbs Pelagic Division VS Spearo B brings in 57LB amberjack 12LB Red Snapper = 69lbs  Spearo A wins\\  All fish must be entered into proper division. Multiple Divisions allowed per entry.

Coastal Fish Harvested cant be entered as Pelagic Division (Coastal is All Coastal Waters within State of Texas. {NON FEDERAL WATERS/ NON FRESH WATERS).

8. Whole or Gutted FISH, will be weighed! In the Event of a Tie! Earliest Fish turned in wins!

9. PreRegistration $60.00 Date July 31st!

10. Aug 1st – 13th $75.00.

In the event of a Cancellation Back Up Date will be Sept 14th 2019.

(***All Remaining Prizes Donated will be Auctioned online via Facebook Page for Rigs & Reef Classic and 100% of Funds Raised will remain with event )

From Rod & Reel to Noodling, Boat to Bank Fishing Lots of Ways to Compete.

Special Rod & Reel Division

Marker 37 Marina LLC

See Website for sponsors and event info

We want to allow equal opportunities for all to enjoy the water…. This is heavier wins!!! Big Fish Tournament I Fish Species Per Division Entry (you can enter one of each per boat/team). Boat/Team is Minimum 2 Person – Max 4 Per Boat/Team

1st – Catch All and be (Heaviest)

2nd – Catch 1 less than most fish and heaviest with less weigh.

3rd – Catch 1 Less with weight less, than 2nd place winner

Here is the kicker it is based on weight!

“So say I go out Catch everything and it’s 542lbs Total weight. Then you go out Catch a 600lb Tuna, Amberjack, Cobia Combo and win!”

Why? Because you got 600lbs of fish.

In the event of a tie, who ever turned fish in first wins.

Contact David Ramsey with any questions this is for #spearosforheroes Funds.

Here’s how you enter click link

ENTER HERE $500 per Division

{please e-mail me david@oathinc.org your Division Entry and note it in your Donation feel free to mention who you are what you do}

Even if you don’t fish but can help please donate. We want to continue to be able to help organizations like OATH

Donate (Entry Fee $500)



Targeted fish (hit list) will be –

Offshore Division $500

Wahoo – Tuna – Amberjack – Mahi – Cobia – Lion Fish

Inshore Division $500

Redfish – Trout – Flounder

Backwater/Fresh Water Division $500

Alligator Gar – Catfish

Open to BOWFISHING, Noodle, and any legal means Rod & Reel, NO no No NO SPEARFISHING NO!

One Fish Per Species Per Team/Boat

Entry Fee is (TEAM/BOAT ENTRY)

$500.00 Entry Per Hit List Division

ENTER HERE $500 Per Division

Here’s Breakdown-

1st place winner gets 50% of Paid Entry Fee’s

2nd place 50% remaining

3rd place 50% remaining

Remaining funds go

Towards annual event fee’s and supporting Organizations like OATH.

Digital Spearfishing Tournament 2019

Rigs & Reef Classic Tournament Aug 1st – 17th Two Divisions (Division 2 Normal Rules Apply)

Division 1 – Anyone can enter to win**


Post a Picture of a Spearfishing Adventure Harvested Fish 1Aug – 17Aug* and Tag/Post Tag & Post Our Page

*Cheating will lead to Immediately being disqualified!)

(**$20 entry per photo paid entry online limit 5)

Rules – Most like’s 1 – 17 Aug by @530pm Wins. Rules are simple

Post 1 Fish Picture per Fish you harvested Spearfishing during these dates. $20 per photo entry. 5 Fish Photo Limit $100 photo Limit per diver**

(Most Likes Wins)$20 Entry to compete

50/50 1st Place Winner Takes 50%

2nd place 25%

3rd place 10%

For instance say we raise $1000 in photo entry fee’s, (which would only take 50 Spearfishing fish photos) 1st place get $500.00, 2nd place gets $250, 3rd place $100. Donating $150 to NonProfit.

Spearfishing Photo Likes Contest

Redtide Spearfishing #rigsreefclassic2019

1 of 5 Photos total can be submitted per diver via Facebook or Instagram with #rigsreefclassic2019. $20 per photo entry between 1 Aug 2019 – 17 Aug 2019 530pm. Only Registered Divers through this payment agreement are entered to win. The Use of #rigsreefclassic2019 is only good for this photo contest only. #rigsreefclassic2019

$20 Digital Photo Likes Contest

(Open to Texas Fresh/Saltwater and Gulf of Mexico)

Learn About The NonProfit OATH

2019 Photo Contest Example


Can Freediving, Scuba, and Spearfishing Heal?

Yes it can!

I am not afraid to speak about my 20 year Military Career and the Painful journey! I’m Disabled, Suffer PTSD, Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Depression, have had 9 major surgeries all of which are Service Connected from 1000’s of selfless acts Serving 20 years as the 374th U.S. Coast Guard Surfman. ⚓️

The Same Ocean that has Destroyed my body – 3 Lumbar Surgeries, Cervical Fusion, Both Shoulder’s Rebuilt, both wrists, and right knee!

Heals Our Heroes

The Outdoor Association for True Heroes

The Past

52’ MLB Conducting Surf Mission

47’ MLB Conducting Surf Mission

The Future

Every time I’m in the water Freediving & Spearfishing it heals me, and the others. So yes IMO being in the water, underwater is healing. Ive seen the worse conditions the Oceans can Create. And Freediving Heals all the pain.

Donate Today Help a Hero Heal

3 Ways of Healing

  • Calm Mind
  • Relaxed Body
  • Deep Breathtaking

Healing day for a Hero

Heal the Hero ⚓️ Click Image Below


Help a OATH Hero

OATH heals a lot of Heroes and families. Take a Stand, Help a Hero, Donate by simply clicking image above.

Help A Hero

Donate Today Help a Hero Heal


Would you like to Help Heal Heroes?

It’s Simple, you can get involved Simply by contacting our Founder.
David Ramsey
Rigs & Reef Classic 
We would appreciate all the help you can give.
Rigs and Reef dates are set for this Summer. Aug 1-17th #rigsreefclassic2019
Here is what’s happened since last year.
We Created the #OATHSpearfishingTeam and #spearosforheroes (please we invite you to follow our great work for our Nations Heroes.) so you can see Daily our actions, and know you are helping heal. This is a 100% NonProfit event to raise Awareness & Funds for The Outdoor Association for True Heroes. OATH

Included is a Digital Flyer 
Donate Today

We are asking for your Help Again.

Please Consider a Prize Donation and Funds Donation this year. This is a lot to ask for our Founder is CoOwner of Gator-Gripp Rack Systems, LLC who also gives , and donates all year as well to events just like this one. So why give, what do you get in return?

What’s the Return on Investment into us?

To Say ThankYou we will continually market weekly for 12 months till our next annual event. This takes 100% Donated *T&M. (*Time and Money to create marketing continent for your company.) Money we also 100% use on our Veterans Programs as listed on Digital Flyer above. 

We need your help or this event will be in its final year. Yes Year after Year we have helped grow the Sport of Spearfishing in Texas. Time Flys growing from 7 on the jetty’s in 2014 to over 50 Registered Competitors from Surrounding States and Country’s. Every Year we Continue to Promote our Sponsors.

From the Beginning, We Appreciate Your Support!

Here are our Sponsorship Level Package’s 

$2500 Wahoo Package

(ThankYou Tito’s Vodka)

Includes 4x’s a month for 12 Months Marketing, Post Placement, Website Link Listing, Banner Listing with your Prize & Cash Donation 

$1500 Amberjack Package

Includes 1x a month for 12 Months Marketing, Website Link Listing with your Prize & Cash Donation 

$500 Wahoo Package

Includes Website Listing, & Banner Listing with your Prize & Cash Donation 

If you wish to share link please do…

Consider Helping Today

Niccole and I Thank You

Thank You – #strikeforceenergy #gatkupolespears & #mutinydiveco  #urturt  our 2018 Newest Sponsor’s

Please Send Prize/Cash Donations

Attn – David Ramsey
Rigs & Reef Classic

“Niccole and I are doing everything we can to grow the sport of Spearfishing in Texas and Beyond with One Mission Help our Heroes!” – The Ramsey’s