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I LIKE TO HIT SHIT just say’n watch

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I love Spearos, they understand FISHHUNTERS Waterfasting WaterHumans

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I like my setup when I’m not hanging meat I might as well when ya beat a bag it releases negativity negative the bad shit it’s such good anger management

Have a good day world

What is Spearfishing

Definition –
(Noun) a form of fishing in which the fisherman attempts to impale the fish upon a spear, which can be thrust or thrown by hand, or with a spear gun.

Spearfishing Companys | Seriously click it

Hmm… so what do you need? To start a Mask, Snorkel, Fins, (totally recommend dive knife) but understand it’s an additional snag hazard as well as tool to cut things with. Then you’ll need a Speargun! Or PoleSpear 😉 both are amazing devices used to help harvest fish.

Gun , Fins, Weight Belt BCD&Tank wetsuit Epirb & Flares
Surface Float , Bungee, & BlueWater Guns
The mask
Nearshore via Kayak
Southern Cross Offshore Gulf Of Mexico

What it F@cking Means

TurnTwoFuckers 💚

Because people who give a fuck don’t give up! People who bust their fucking tail don’t stop! People who wake the fuck up don’t get much sleep! People who give a fuck that’s who! That’s why! Because they Fucken Care! It fucking makes them happy!

Send It Daily

It Fuckin Works! So next time your about to say #fuckit say #fuckyeah I got This, I Can! I will 💙⚓️❗️ BravoZulu welcome to the #goatlocker #fuckers thats #fuckingsailortalk let’s get Fucken Real is 2021 we can we will we are!

Be About It | Talk About It ⚖️

fuckinglove is the answer #fuckgivingup Turn the Fuck Two! Fucking #surfman374

Turn the fuck to is what I use to say, because that’s what they said to me 😉 – DMRamsey

Did you see the size of that fucking fish? Holy Fucka it was huge fucking rig donkey

TripleDigitHunter DMRamsey

Dive Alone Die Alone

Top 4 that made me reflect today are . . . . #wisdom #enlightenment #leadership comes from #knowledge wisdom #being #thinking doing #experience 💡 #surfman374 👑
💙⚓️❗️ @dmramsey #spearfishingtipsandtricks #pastureofpain #bluewaterhealing #spearfishing #rigsreefclassicspearfishingtournament #rigsreefclassicspearfishing #rigsandreefs #rigsandreefclassicspearfishing the process the Journey the water around us as we dive the fish turning away on our last breath. Knowing the risk of #swb shallowwaterblackout I wish I would have preached #shallowwaterblackoutprevention #shallowwaterblackoutawareness sooner because since 2011 till today ive blacked out twice #shallowwaterblackout is real! I did a dance felt like #sambas and decided to shoot a #rigdonkey that took me down to 300’ on #scuba then lost air and got saved found god my lord thank you! But true story price to pay #decompressiontherapy #decompressionchamber it sucks been there done that besafe #oneuponedown remember if you Dive Alone, you’ll Die Alone

divealonediealone #waterman #surfman #swbsurvivor I’m a survivor so I can tell what happened @rigsreefclassicspearfishing founder @dmramsey

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Leadership +/- Authority = RHIP

Authorities, Roles, Leadership definitely Earned and should be respected as we use to say RHIP “Rank has its Privileges”, IMO through my research and 26 years in leadership positions Leading (Without) Authority includes but is definitely not limited to –

1. Empathetic listening

  • showing an ability to understand and share the feelings of another
  • Listening is the ability to accurately receive and interpret messages in the communication process. Listening is key to all effective communication. Without the ability to listen effectively, messages are easily misunderstood. … If there is one communication skill you should aim to master, then listening is it.

2. Warm Body Language

  • Warm Body language needs to be controlled in every social interaction to stay “on message.” To project warmth, one should be sitting up straight, making eye contact, nodding, smiling and using open gestures when interacting with others.
  • nonverbal communication in which physical behaviors, as opposed to words, are used Such behavior includes facial expressions, body posture, gestures, eye movement, & touch.

Remember This Leader

  • research studies have shown negative work cultures can impact the functioning and health of families connected to employees. In other words, workers take the stress & negativity home. So keep your work place peaceful and encourage it at home. Total care package encourage happy healthy active positive work place

(Photo below Rescue Near Ilwaco, Wa).

TeamWork is what Got the job done that day

Surfman374, Chief Ramsey Retired
F/V Cathrine M