He-Man 🇺🇸 She WOman

“Sometimes you have to do things that don’t make sense to your family & friends, but that’s how you find out who your real family and friends are, the first to fuck ya are always family, second friends, 3rd greedy humans who used for their own profit” …. “That’s the good thing about what we do, we find out who’s all in for #TheKingdom, #TheLegacy, #TheCommunity!” Anyone can use something or someone else but few are willing to create it be original learn the hard lessons educate them selves and benefit the , #City, #State, or #Nation. #TheSystem is both #GoodEvil, like Humans a learned behavior a choice it’s always better to educate before enforcing 😎🫶🤙🇺🇸🏁

“For some of you know me, some of you don’t, some of you lied some of you won’t, some of you took some of you didn’t, some of you set me up, some of you looked away, some watched me purposely fall, some watched me shine brighter, some of you I will never let back in, and some of you I look forward to seeing again, some of you took it all from me some of you are keeping it safe for me, remember what comes around goes around, my team can read every Application “App”, Social Media Post, Email, Text, Phone Call, Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, everything on the #WorldWideWeb We Watch Every Camera, listen to everything see everything” trust me #internationalport #PortSecurity #NationalSecurity is worth it! Specially when it comes to protect #MyFuture, #MyLegacy, #AmericasChildren and the #Familyvalue we should all be living… because everyone deserves to be #livinglaughingloving but you still have to earn it” it’s not to late to do what’s right trust me #InGodWeTrust because if you fucked me over lmfao 🤣 trust me #myteamisbetterthanyours I wouldn’t test #TheMatrix #TheMetaVerse #TheLandOfTheFree you have to choices tell the truth give it back , or deal with #AngelsAndDemons

@uscg @surfman374 #AFRAS #AFRASGOLDMEDAL #AltusTendo #ChesterRBenderAward loved it 98-18 #USCG Surfman #Surfman374 @borderpatrol @rigsreefclassicspearfishing

readyforsummer ? ReadyForOperations ChiefOfOperations Federal Law Enforcement Officer Search&Rescue #OperationExecuteExecuteExecute


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