Love y’all I will never give up it’s not worth it ❤️🤙 🏁

happy10 major surgeries between 2010-2018 loosing 80lbs then 135lbs learning to walk again twice two divorces definitely was hell but hey I actually love my kids moms, miss my son and daughters and look forward to the day all our friends and families can look back and be proud 🥹 love y’all I truly do

Miss Y’all DavidMRamsey, CCTX 78412 DMR 🤙❤️🏁 1998-2018 Surfman374

I still think single life sucks yes sobriety is beautiful yes I had an amazing 20 year military career, but let me tell ya, anxiety , depression, insomnia, PTSD, the suicidal attitude attempts not the answer! Trust me what’s worth it is Family, living, laughing, loving, forgiving if I tag ya I actually truly appreciate you, if I joke it’s called a joke! I’ve never threatened anyone nor would I! I know what I built, what I love, who I am! I know what I enjoy, I also k ow what was destroyed…. But everything can come back, in my opinion every thing can be made while again… ya just can’t give up that’s all, you have to take the steps, listen to your doctors, lean into your loved ones and wake up every single day, and say “I Can”, I am worth it! I love myself, I respect my self and I’m not giving up! Never ever ever ever give up! Trust me, it wasn’t one pill it was all the pills, drinking was never a problem although it definitely can bring out a nasty side to anyone. Drugs nope no dope for me! Trust me I own this to GOD my creator, Jesus Died for all of us! The Holy Spirit protects us. But you must believe in the creator. I believe in miracles, I also believe you must be honest with yourself and others. It might hurt at the time, but it could actually lead to a better brighter future. But hey this is just my opinion, love y’all miss everyone and even though I may have wrote things ya didn’t like or agree with I still love everyone and miss you all 🤙❤️🏁

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There’s not a day that goes by I don’t miss you or my kids or my dog Niccole Ramsey I’m definitely thankful for all you do for them all you did for me… this came up on my Snapchat lmfao 🤣 honestly from hunting fishing the adventures the fun we had , y’all wonder why I appreciate her so much I might joke around might post some very heavy content but hey what matters most is GOD, Family, Living, Laughing, loving…. I actually got asked if I ever had DNA tests done on my kids I’m like nope, but even if they weren’t mine I would still love them… I truly do love ya Kenzie, Stin Ramsey Addy, #HadleyNiccoleRamsey , LuckyPup and no matter what all your moms still rock IMO 🤙❤️🏁🆙🇺🇸 to me it’s about TeamWork that’s the Dream work

Love y’all I’m just thankful I’m alive never gave up post a shitload and express myself I honestly mean no harm, do I miss Gator-Gripp Rack System U.S. Coast Guard Spearfishing Talk Rigs & Reef Classic Spearfishing Tournament Rigs & Reef Classic Family Salty Soul Taxidermy Spearfishing Talk some of it, not the stressful parts but the good times. #DadLife #DMR #Surfman374 I definitely look forward to shooting more fish 🤙🇺🇸🏁🙏🏾⭐️🌎💙🏆💧💋 love y’all (trust me Niccoles Awesome at asking me if she doesn’t like something or questions my social media she’s not a narcissist neither am I!) I’m actually a lonely loving positive Empath who’s retired after 20 year’s military and spent the last 5 years deeply focused on sober living and truly becoming this version of me. Im thankful for that it’s worth it! Trust me love y’all


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