A new age? Are we? ♓️🤙♒️

“The Age of Pisces has shaped human history for around 2000 years, and is slowly coming to an end, as the Age of Aquarius takes its turn.” ♓️ hello ♒️🤙🏁🛸🙏🏾🔥

Dionysius believed that if the planetary alignment marked the end of an age (i.e. the Pisces age), then the birth of Jesus Christ marked the beginning of the Age of Pisces 2,000 years earlier. He therefore deducted 2,000 years from the May 2000 conjunction to produce AD 1 for the incarnation of Christ.


The year of his alleged birth was very close to the beginning of the Age of Pisces. That alone is noteworthy, but there are plenty of other startling coincidences, such as early Christians’ use of the image of the fish to identify themselves. If you’d like to know more, here is an excellent article by Ray Grasse, who has written a book about the Age of Aquarius.

Whether you believe Jesus really existed or was just a symbolic figure, this is as good a time as any to look back on the Age of Pisces. What did it replace? What was its promise? What have been its primary manifestations?

The Age of Aries was ending just as the Roman Empire had extended to its farthest reaches. Aries is ruled by Mars, the god of war, and it was Rome’s military innovations that allowed it to conquer lands on three continents. Rome invented the idea of a trained military unit that attacked and fought as one, with a pre-planned strategy. That might sound like a no-brainer, but until the Romans came up with the idea, warfare was more like schoolyard gangs beating up on each other.

Jesus lived in an outpost of the Roman Empire, and according to some historians, he was a rebel (if George Bush had been the emperor of Rome, he’d have called Jesus a terrorist, but that’s another story for another time). Yet his message was of peace, compassion, and oneness with God – all concepts that astrologers strongly associate with Pisces. Indeed, these are the best attributes of Pisces.

So how did a message of peace and compassion get turned into the Crusades, in which “infidels” were killed in the name of God? Or into the war in Iraq, in which “terrorists” or “insurgents” are being killed in the name of democracy or oil or eradication of WMDs or whatever?

The answer lies in the flip side of Pisces, which is fear and blind faith. As the Age of Pisces draws to an end, the worst traits of the sign are coming to the fore in a way that we no longer can ignore.

I went to a Unitarian service this morning during which the visiting minister admonished everyone to remember our divinity, to turn toward what’s beautiful and good, and away from what’s ugly and bad. Well, in my mind, therein lies the problem. In deciding that certain behaviors are “bad” and “ugly,” to be feared and hated, we renounce an essential part of ourselves. When society as a whole represses behaviors or thoughts, they emerge in overt, physical form. The more repressed, the more in our faces they get.

Before we can reclaim our divinity – and our power as divine beings – we must own our dark side. We are all capable of being selfish, greedy, petty, resentful, narrow-minded, self-indulgent, stubborn, and limited. Confronting our shadow side is scary, so we project our fears outward, and to be able to live with these fears, we rely on blind faith, whether in a supreme being, a political leader, a religious or political ideology, a scientific theory – anything that makes us feel safer. To live with uncertainty, to be in a constant state of “I don’t know,” is more than most human beings are willing or able to handle.

As the Age of Pisces dwindles, our beliefs are falling away. Lately, this is happening with mind-numbing speed. As a result, we are entering a period of intense confusion. Nothing makes sense. The behaviors and reactions of people, governments – even nature – are inexplicable. Chaos reigns.

Eventually, when the dust settles, we will enter a new age of peace and stability. But we’ve got a way to go yet. . .


The Aquarian Age is pre-eminently a spiritual age, and the spiritual side of the great lessons that Jesus gave to the world may now be comprehended by multitudes of people for the many are now coming into an advanced stage of spiritual consciousness; so with much propriety this book is called “The Aquarian” (good read btw)

What does Age of Aquarius mean? In astrology, the term Age of Aquarius refers to a period of time (associated with the zodiac sign Aquarius) that is believed to bring an increase in harmony in the world.

an astrological era believed to bring increased spirituality and harmony on earth.

A “wave” theory of the shifting Great Ages suggests that the Age of Aquarius will not arrive on a given date but is instead emerging in influence over many years, similar to how the tide surges forward incrementally rather than all at once.

So when is the Age of Aquarius coming? Astrologers argue about when the Age of Pisces ends: the calculated launch of the Age of Aquarius should be in the 22nd century, around 2160. And yet, 2021’s seven-planet stellium in Aquarius led other theorists to believe that we’ve arrived.

The Age of Aquarius is also a time of expanded consciousness, when we can take control of the earth and become more mindful of human rights. It’s a time of more collaboration and more connections with like-minded individuals. Some people might even feel a calling to guide others toward enlightenment.

According to astrology, we’re currently transitioning into the Age of Aquarius. Once the Aquarian Age comes to an end, we will transition once more, this time into the Age of Capricorn. While the dates are a bit fuzzy, the Age of Capricorn is expected to kick off around 3,500 to 4,000 AD (circle the dates LOL!!).

Your Sun sign has been in the collective spotlight for the past few years now, in fact, many astrologers suggest that we have now entered the Aquarian Age.

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