Uncle Sam said send it ☠️

I only get upset at social media not my real life btw… it’s true I went from a fired up dragon to way more calm one…
For real though, definitely miss my kids. I’m thankful for hadleys mom.

Yes I’m honest humble yes brutal when it comes to some of my social media but truth is I love who I am I’m thankful I’m alive never gave up.
Lonely sucks but life has a plan. Only thing I do is wake up enjoy it repeat in the end it’s taught me the biggest lesson is simple when you live in your mind you can get lost, in body ya feel everything in soul nothing matters but family…

I certainly don’t post to flash, brag or inflate an ego. I post because it’s often what helps me connect with my soul. To that’s the beauty of this life. The journey nothing physical matters. What matters is your soul…

🤙🖤☠️🏴‍☠️💀🔥 to be honest I’ve had more people thank me for having so much #passion, #gratitude, #sailorsdisgrace is what I tell them…. serves to remind us chiefs that there may be times circumstances are beyond our control in the performance of duty, life, or what ever but as a chief you must complete the task. When I retired in 2018 Mine was #healing (mental physically spiritual relational) #sobriety & #family here’s to a year #noCBD, almost 3 #noalcohol, 4 years #nopills. Praying winds steer me to my family next. #BMCRamsey #USCG 98-18

fairwindsandfollowingseas right 🇺🇸🌎🏁 #socialmedia #love #people #beauty #chief #thechief #surfman374 #tripledigithunter #hypercreative #positiveempath what #unclesam Told me I am 🤣 I’m like well Atleast I’m a goodone #believeinmycreator #UFO #UAP ‘s lmfao by the way I’ve been verified cleared to post what I have! #deepstate #darpa #industrialwarcomplex everyone knows me because we did #spaceforceops stuff but hey I’m retired like bigbrother said sendit chief ya earned it 🇺🇸🏁❤️🤍🌎☠️🏴‍☠️🤣🤔🤣😂🦄⚠️🐉🙏🏾✅😘 don’t forget add hashtags and emoji’s lmfao roger that lima Charlie! Yep @niccole12 is my awesome 😎 I can even include her they said lmfao 🤣 don’t worry live laugh love even if you ain’t with her you can still tell her your thankful miss her blessings yes I’m A nerd laugh at my own jokes I’ve had to been single a year lmfao


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