☠️ NeverGive Up πŸ

1 – You Are A Living Sacrifice.

2 – I Do Not Run Aimlessly.

3 – Your Body Is A Temple.

4 – Do It All For The Glory Of God.

5 – Work Vigorously.

6 – I Can Do All Things Through His Strength.

7 – Renew Your Strength.

8 – Train For Godliness.

mywhy #FAMILY MY #GOD told me Remember the lord I am, GOD I AM great I AM and awesome YOU ARE #fight for your #house, your #wife, your #husband your #sons, your #daughters #GodsWordisTruth #GodsWord #godswordisalive

As for you brothers and sister do no grow discouraged NeverGiveUp! It’s okay to slow down but if your doing good! You shall Reap! Claim the Promises of GODS Word carry someone else’s burden! Go forth and help me, us, ours, them, theirs! #ProtectTheChildren #ProtectTheCity everyone has something to offer! You can do better, be better, help more! The burden is lighter when you help and encourage others. Go sow it will come back! That’s what 44 years have taught me! To live #selfless not #Selfish spread LOVE not Hate! Encouraging words build better cities
Are real attitude is gratitude πŸ™πŸΎ a real man helps, a real woman helps! Humans help that’s what #hurricaneRescue taught me! #SurfRescue taught me! Is people can come together everyone needs everyone!
Life should be lived with JOY! You can never be encouraged to much! To live laugh love more and be thankful to others help others. Trust me it’s been 5 years of chaos and that was after 20 years of service to America I pray for Hope miracle and wholeheartedly wholesome love in my house. Loneliness should never be this lonely

lovewhereyoulive #lovewhoyoulivewith


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