In 2023 Spread Joy 🫶‼️

In order to help others, you must help yourself, in order to love others, you must love your self, in order to be successful, with others you must be successful yourself. 👌 EGO is Earth Guide Only, The Higher Self doesn’t care what you have, what you get. It only wants one thing, to be at peace, love in harmony. Live in love, live in forgiveness not struggle, not about “who’s right, who’s wrong”. Practice Kindness 🫶‼️❤️🙏🏾💡⬆️ GOD live with Good Order & Discipline. These are just “Words of Wisdom”, for my children. I’m just a Man, a Dad, a Veteran. Nope I’m not perfect, definitely learned the hard way. Definitely lost, definitely learned to never give up. Truly learned to love myself again. The warrior, the journey, learned to leave ego and grow. The statesmen or woman. It’s not about what’s in it for me. It’s about serving others. Then the final reality is serving the spirit. We are in this world but not of this world. It’s not about WIFM. “what’s in it for me”, is about Grace, Love, Harmony, Forgiveness. Enjoy what you really want you will really get. Because Spirit! “ I wish” , a thought, what you really “desire” ask and you shall receive. Be willing to ask. Say I would like some help. What I intend. Frame it to create it. What ever it is, say I intend! I will, I will learn. Become independent, grow! Because you and you alone are capable. Don’t use the ego! That which is seen has not come from what hasn’t appeared. Spiritual Journey! In spirit! Inspires Passion! Saying I am absolutely passionate about it. To attempt to manifest without passion is life getting dressed dead. If your dead inside you’ll never attract life outside. Have passion! What you really really don’t want, is what you will also get. Definitely act upon what you think about. Don’t say I hate! Don’t say never! What is, is not what you want. Get your mental energy on what you want. Not what is. Don’t focus on what always has been. Wake up! Show up! Never give up. As you think so shall you be! If your attention is on what they want for you, what they think you can do what they think you should be you’ll never become what you want. Don’t let the emergence of others stop your emerging your growing your living. Enjoy the dance. Throw your seeds. And grow. Because in the end, there is one dance you will always do alone. Because it become your own.

Practice Sending out LOVE! Live in Harmony, what’s inside is how you live outside. Because if you can Love someone who has sent you something negative then Harmony and Serenity will follow.


“I will give you everything I am, Had, and was capable of, because that’s what real humans do”! LoveIsTheAnswer

‼️🙏🏾❤️🫶… 🇺🇸😘🐻💋♦️♠️♣️♥️🏴‍☠️…… (wait till you see what I do next) 😉 GOD bless you all! Rise ⬆️ #DadLife #DMR #Surfman374 Spread Joy, Love is The Answer 2023

Train • Maintain • Operate

Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, PTSD a really do attack. Don’t allow this to harm you. Suicide is Not The Answer. Never Give Up.

January 1, 2023

#SpreadJoy 2023 #SpreadJoy2023

Best Wishes For All, You’ll see it when you believe it! Happiness is the Way. The oceans stays humble, it’s why everything flows into it, let it flow, let it go, let it grow. Shine

“Forgiveness” is Loving it so much you let it go. It’s about being better than YOU use to be and no one else…. “spread Joy”

Humility is Power, Humble is Grace & Flow. The Ego Need “look at me” definitely isn’t the answer. The way is you look at you, you look at what you are. Who you are, What you are, where you are, when you are, where you are, why you are! It is the happiness doing it “low & slow” always makes the best. Important is possible, but to do it anonymous, to give anonymous, to be not in charge, to just help others. To live in peace United. To take charge of you, not others, to use your power not others. 🫶

Yes there’s rules, laws, but ethics matter.

My journey definitely a combination of a journey with others. The Ego doesn’t matter, what matters is who you truly are. Like the ocean, land, sky, the spirit is what the body is not. The mind is not what the body and spirit is. The Quality is how you live with your energy, your vibrations. Call it what you what but it’s energy. It’s not the words that matter, yes what you say to others matters, why forgiveness matters most kindness takes practice living with the elements the essence that you feel enjoy and live with. Once you label yourself categorize yourself you limit yourself. It’s about awareness. Oneness Balance who you are is that what’s is eternal the energy. The vibration. The sound. The light. The darkness. Loneliness is oneness. Even if your marriage is with another your still your self. Your just living with another self. I become what I think about. Is what experience you live. Manifesting is Real. Tribal? Civilized? A No boundary place is within you. Life is weightless Not material … when you have a choice to be right, or kind! Choose kindness

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Does spelling matter? Or what you believe matter? What matters, is becoming you. Choose Peace choose kindness. If you believe in that use what you learned you will grow. You will become the real you. Many blessings to you, love you, live you. Be you. Conscious contact, through subconscious living. You will never learn to swim till ya jump in. You’ll never learn to dance till you walk, you’ll never learn to sing till you speak. Knowing about healing leads to healing. Learning about peace leads to peace. Balance Love Forgiveness what you believe in is a what you become. Never Give Up. No tree has branches so foolish to fight with other trees, the forest lives in harmony and balance. Your soulmate IN My opinion is the one who is your greatest teacher, the one who pushes you to master you. The one who pushes you so hard, so far, push the worse buttons is the one who loves you for who you truly are. I miss you, I love you. I always will always have. That’s my soulmate.

Spread Joy

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