Merry Christmas 🎁

Hey I just want to say thank you and sending lots of love to all of you as I read through each of your cards open gifts from y’all it warms my heart. Love you all and Merry Christmas truly appreciate you all, what a totally unexpected gift this year. One I definitely needed. It helped me tremendously with all my heart and love, ThankYou CARE 🫶‼️❤️🎄🎁🙏🏾🫵 and TillValhalla Group all of you Spearfishing Talk Lead with Integrity all the social media apps I’ve used. It helped me heal reach people and share my story so I can be a better man.

Don’t be afraid to hit me up yes I dove deep into healing, yes I was brutally honest but it’s all out of love! Respect and so I can be a better man father friend. Maybe even husband that would be a dream come true. Definitely cried a few times today that’s for sure but all my kids are good love my family love my friends GOD Bless you all today #dmr


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