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Black”N”Blue Paintball (OG battle field)

What’s all this about? Sir #palmtalk sir! He seems to be posting about Palms get in there a get him! That’s national security that palms in the land of the body of Christ! #goatlockerinc “me – I know plant more palms, more love, this city looked so beautiful today ThankYou Corpus Christi Parks & Rex and all the LatinoContractors! migrant workers yall rock! Same with good honest teamwork! From BAY (like that)! To the BEACH! Be about it talk about it! Be even more proud than the city manager planners developers because those men women children who they go home to Love them for how dedicated they are to the splash pads better sidewalks and cleaner BARS! Better smokes shops better vibe! That’s what I love about TEXAS #TexasStrong let me tell ya! Ita a Long Horn! #HOOKEM i prefer to shoot them! #spearfishingtipsandtricks (aim for the head big dawg)! While say’n see ya later down to 300’ or was it drug away to be left with the sharks on the southern cross…. Sea she’s Beautiful Corpus and So are her Ladies and Children … God Bless Y’all 🌻🇺🇸🌐🌳🤙 #dmr #writing #creative posting what ever I want! It’s my journal MySpace these apps I use all of them to express love passion opinions purposes with two goals see if your gonna play nice or screw me love it or move on… either way it’s MySpace might be your #meta #metaverse but this is my shit! ✊


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