The Tree 🌲 of Light

Bring Light to The Darkest Time of Year

Happy Holidays Humans

It’s amazing how much joy this brings men, women, and children from bringing light to the darker winter to the “Jesus is the Reason for the season”. This a Pagan Holiday or Christian Symbol? Eitherway i love this time of year.. i love picking up the ornamental memories and placing them on the limbs of life… it’s about that for me it’s about people coming together smiles and love… i hope everyone has a beautiful blessed holiday this year. I’m thankful for everyone still grinding doing what they love from 2019-2021 we’ve weathered a global pandemic and changed history forever with new technologies and global awakening and global team work. I pray we continue to grow and work better together as #humans – @dmramsey (Instagram) @dmramsey1 (Twitter) @rigsreefsclassic (TikTok)

#Surfman374 🎄

holidayseason #lights #health #mentalhealth #success #wealth #spirituality #balance #connection


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