Your Only As Good As your Boatcrew 💙⚓️❗️

True Story

Well it’s official awarded 80% CRSC from USCG & 100% P&T from VA. After 20 years serving retired a Chief I can’t say the pain is worth it, but my time serving was. I would do it all over! But definitely shoot for 30years vs 20.

See Fishing Vessel Rescue

1998-2018 Surfman374


💙⚓️❗️🇺🇸 Freedom ain’t Free, Some Gave All, All Gave Some.

Hurricane Harvey Heroes

When my Brothers and Sisters went over Sea’s I was growing through them. #afrasgoldmedal what’s important is I hope to #inspire others maybe you want to become a #surfman #searchandrescue #sar #surf #surfdrills #highside #lowside #squareup #imo this is what it’s about #trainmaintainoperate @dmramsey #uslss #uscg #crsc #crdp #va #veteran #100percent #disablednotdead

20 Years ~ Chief – Surfman374
“Your only as good as your boatcrew – Surfman374 “

F/V CatherineM USCG Rescue

Hurricane USCG Rescue Texas


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